A Peek Inside Adform’s New Kaunas Office

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A Peek Inside Adform’s New Kaunas Office

Wipe your feet, because you’re about to step inside Adform’s new office in Kaunas. A month ago we were thrilled to mark a significant milestone for us – the opening of a new office in the second largest city in Lithuania. 

This colorfully themed workplace has vivid design, table football, and a panoramic view of the city. The space is not only providing employees with the right tools for work, but also the perfect environment for inspiration, relaxation and creativity.

Jakob BakThe expansion of our development team continues to accelerate, and this recently established office gives us the chance to hire the top minds in the region. Jakob Bak, Adform CTO and Co-founder, shares his vision about the growth of the company.

Why was Kaunas chosen for the new Adform office?

After having expanded for many years in Vilnius and becoming one of the biggest and most popular companies in the software development industry in the country, we saw it as a natural step to open a development branch in Kaunas, which has a lot of great talents. Not only talent currently working in Kaunas, but also in Vilnius where many have had to move for interesting challenges in companies such as Adform.

What were the main challenges?
There have not been any major challenges except one – finding an office that could be a bit exceptional. It was important for us to create a cool space now that we had the opportunity from day one.


How many employees do we have there already and how many do we plan to hire?
We currently have more than ten positions open in our Development and IT department, all of which could potentially be located in the Kaunas office. At the moment, there are already just under ten people in Kaunas, but looking one year ahead, we plan to expand the office to at least double that.


What people do we aim to attract?
It is an equal mix of fresh graduates, experienced developers, and very senior experts. Attitude is the most important characteristic, as keeping the atmosphere and level of fun that differentiates Adform from other companies is absolutely key to us. And when opening a new office, it is even more important to get the right attitude from the first day.

Thank you, Jakob.

Would you like to sit with us in our amazing Kaunas office? Check out our career page and join us!


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