Adform FedEx Day Revisited

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Adform FedEx Day Revisited

To those of you who are not familiar with the FedEx Day concept – it is a 24-hour-long marathon of intensive development. From idea to execution and presentation – everything has to be done and delivered in 24 hours strict, hence the name – FedEx Day.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the second bi-annual FedEx Day was held in Adform and we can now say it was a huge success. Lots of ideas were submitted, even by people who aren’t really developers or have anything to do with it – they just had an idea, which they thought would work and they went for it. That is, of course, one of the nicer things about Adform’s FedEx Day – everyone can participate.

The infographic below gives facts and figures about the recent FedEx Day, and some photos from the event are also available on Facebook.



And yes, there was a winner! It was a reporting project for analysing the connections between technical details and campaign performance. A clever piece of reporting data, all wrapped in a funky and interactive interface got all the Adformers going wow! – it was a clear leader during voting.

Adform will develop this report further and one day you may find it in the platform. Until then – we will show you a little extract from it the way it looked during the FedEx Day presentation. Sex sells, doesn’t it?


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