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Adform is Going Underground

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Krubera-Voronya - the deepest cave in the World

Yes, and we’re literally digging deep. At the end of the summer a team of experienced speleologists and cave divers are going to attempt to break the absolute world cave-diving record by descending to a depth of over 2,100 meters. This international expedition is made up of more than 30 members, and among them is Artūras Artiušenka – one of us Adformers.

The expedition has chosen the Krubera-Voronya cave as their challenge. It is, of course, no coincidence that this cave is the deepest in the world and a successful attempt to reach the bottom would mean a new world cave-diving record – one which, according to the divers, should last for a long time.

Here at Adform, we understand the ambitions of people who are constantly pushing the limits. It’s what we do too, only in the digital world. That is how we know the importance of attention and support in these situations. This time we felt the need to help as much as we possibly could, especially given that part of us is going to be there too! This urge to help encouraged us to sponsor the expedition and do our best to support the expedition on their dangerous, yet exciting mission.

We have also interviewed Arturas, the Adformer who is a member of the expedition, to tell us more about it:

Arturas, you’re not a newbie to speleology. How did you get involved in climbing and diving caves?
In the past I was quite active working with young people and I was always searching for something new, something adventurous and extreme. Once I was invited to join an orientation trip that was organized by the speleo club “Aenigma”. And that is how it began! I was amazed by the people and the stories about the caves – I couldn’t resist and joined them. From then on I was totally involved in club activities: I became an instructor at the speleo school, a board member of the club, etc. The diving part is quite new for me. I tried it several years ago, but I wasn’t that interested in it then. But when we started to plan this year’s expedition, and my role in it, I was pushed to renew my diving training. 


Tell us a bit about the cave you are going to descend into?
Krubera-Voronya cave was discovered in 1960 by Georgian explorers. It lies in the mountainous part of the Abkhazia region, close to the border between Russia and Georgia. The full depth of the cave wasn’t explored until the beginning of the twenty-first century.


We have mentioned that the team you will be joining is international. Can you give us a brief description of it?
The team consists of nearly 40 experienced speleologists and cave divers from Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain, Ireland, Israel, Lebanon, Russia and the UK.



Arturas, the Adformer and a member of the expedition 

Speleology seems to be quite a dark and ‘spooky’ activity – not to mention cave diving. How dangerous is this mission?
Underground exploration always involves a certain amount of risk and this mission is no exception. The Krubera-Voronya cave has several treacherous sumps, which once you have started moving forward only allow you to go further forward. It is easy to get stuck in the narrow passages under water and, if this happens, there is no way for someone to summon help. So yes, it is very dangerous, but manageable with the proper amount of caution.


What is your main role in the expedition?
Firstly, I am co responsible for the initial logistics of our 1.5 tons of equipment. That will be my first challenge, to get everything to the mountain region, where the entrance to the cave is, safely and in one piece. During the expedition I will be responsible for the photo coverage for the whole expedition.


Thanks Artūras and the very best of luck! 


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