Adform’s Bearskin Ensures Minimal MethBot Impact

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Adform’s Bearskin Ensures Minimal MethBot Impact

Bearskin, Adform’s advanced fraud protection solution, has successfully protected our clients from MethBot, a large botnet that has been generating between $3 million to $5 million in fraudulent revenue per day, by targeting the premium video advertising ecosystem.


Adform is happy to announce that the impact from MethBot has been minimal on our system due to Bearskin. From our analysis, we estimate the total fraud to be less than 3.000 impressions, which all have been credited, as the vast majority of the bid requests from compromised IPs were already blocked by Bearskin. The total financial impact on our platform was therefore less than $25. 


“We are constantly working on ensuring our clients the most secure platform on the market. Our fraud protection solution is market leading and our data has confirmed with the MethBot case, the strength of Bearskin”, stated Gustav Mellentin– CEO, Adform.


Bearskin – Adform’s Fraud Protection Solution

Bearskin ensures brand safety and programmatic fraud detection. Our solution leverages an anti-fraud algorithm that protects programmatic traffic against botnets, ad insertions, ad re-directs, OS hacking and other nefarious behavior.


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