Adform’s Going Bananas from London to Ulaanbaatar

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Adform’s Going Bananas from London to Ulaanbaatar

Summertime. A time when we tend to take it easy: go on a little vacation to some place warm with nice, sandy beaches where we can slowly enjoy the pleasures that last for only a couple of months here in Europe. Adform, however, is once again about to buck the trend. Remember when, a couple years back, we sent one of our Adformers to explore how deep the deepest cave in the world is? It was a really exciting thing to do, so this year we’re up for even more – we’ve entered the Mongol Rally!


A team called “Go Bananas”, of which four of the five members are Adformers (more or less), including me, decided that summer would be a great time to sit packed in a small, not-so-suitable car and drive from Vilnius to London and then across two continents all the way to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. This route will take our team over a couple of seas, through numerous mountain ranges and deserts and across 24 different countries. Total estimated distance should be at least 15,000 kilometres – splendid!


Go Bananas Collage


As with the earlier mission codenamed “Caveman”, where the goal was to set a world record for the deepest cave descent, this year we have a goal, too. Of course, it is an adventure worth embarking on for its own sake, but Team Go Bananas is also doing it for a good cause: raising funds for two charities.


The first is Youth Line in Lithuania, a hotline that is doing a great job helping young people in trouble find someone to talk to about the challenges they are facing in their lives and, in that way, very often saving those lives. They are totally dependent on volunteers and the charity funds they raise, so it makes sense to use the rally as a fundraising tool.


The second charity is Cool Earth – a global initiative to save the planet’s rainforests. It has a unique approach: rather than buying off land or enforcing laws, they work with local communities to improve their quality of living by building schools, medical facilities and other essentials. This, in turn, empowers the communities to stay on their land and protect it.


Adform’s Go Bananas team also wants to show that it is essential to have a team you can rely on. Given the challenges we will certainly be facing on our journey, this will be key. You need to know that, even when everything is falling to pieces, you can rely on your team members to save you or at least support you. These team values are greatly cultivated and respected at Adform.


The rally officially starts on 20 July in London, with the Adform team leaving Vilnius today, 16 July. Throughout the rally, there will be updates on the Adform blog and you can track the progress of the team via the login screen of the platform. If you, too, want to help the abovementioned charities, feel free to visit to learn more about how you can do that.


Excitement is in the air!


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