Ain't No Mountain High Enough for the Kaunas Office Teambuilding Trip

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Ain't No Mountain High Enough for the Kaunas Office Teambuilding Trip

Remember how we were looking for a travel companion? Guess what – we found one! After a careful assessment and long discussions, the Kaunas office team managed to pick someone who matched Adform’s DNA the most. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Artūras Kaunas – a special someone who had the honor of joining the Kaunas office on their adventurous trip to the Tatra Mountains!


Important note: The last name of the candidate was not one of the evaluation criteria, but it surely gave Artūras’s application 10 karma points!


It’s almost impossible to describe the adventures of the trip or put the breathtaking mountain views into words, but I’ll try my best. Here’s how it all started.


Day 1 – Bus Trip Fun

The team of 33 travelers (32 Adform employees + 1 lucky non-Adformer) left Kaunas on Friday at 6:30 in the morning.



Despite the super early morning, there was no time for sleep – we took a number of board games to keep us busy on the 15-hour bus trip to the town of Zakopane. The biggest hit was definitely the brand-new political card game, Šeimas, which was, by the way, created by our own Adformers!



All in all, the trip through Poland went fast and smooth with lots of games, fun and laughter! We reached the hotel by 10pm and hit the sheets to get ready for the next day’s big adventure.


Day 2 – Polish Side of the Tatra Mountains: A Picture-Taking Marathon

The day started early. We split up into three teams and headed off to the mountains. From here, the text I’m writing becomes irrelevant. Let the pictures speak for themselves:



The sights were simply breathtaking! There were more cameras (including one drone!) than actual people on our trip. I’m not going to lie – quite some time was spent taking pictures. It was 100% worth it though!



We spent hours hiking over hills and mountains, and alongside rivers and lakes. Each team had their own adventures and stories. Here are some of the highlights.


One of the teams managed to reach the maximum attitude of 2155m by climbing to the peak of Košcielec. And I literally mean climbing (not hiking) here – it was super challenging and exhausting. However, the views from the top and the feeling of achievement was 100% worth the effort!



Meanwhile, another team encountered a bar in the middle of the mountains. How random is that? Random enough to have a sip of a cold one!



Happily, all three teams managed to reach their destinations successfully. It got really extreme at one point as one team had to finish the trail in complete darkness. However, we were well equipped so no one got hurt!


The day ended in Zakopane with a well-deserved dinner, board games and a couple of hours of sleep.


Day 3 – Slovakia and Its Jaw-Dropping Landscape

Day 3 started just as early – at 8am. everyone left their hotel rooms and headed off to the Slovakian Paradise (that’s right, that’s the official name of the national park). It was indeed a paradise – the forests, hills, lakes, rivers, bridges and caves we passed were simply astonishing!



The hike was pretty challenging though and we couldn’t have made it without two things:


  1. Good hiking shoes



  1. A strong team



The third day passed really quickly and it ended with a little party on the way to the hotel. The night was long – there were beers, games, songs and dancing – everything you need to celebrate a perfect weekend with your colleagues!


Day 4 – Homeward Bound: The Relaxing Journey

We spent the last day travelling home. The time passed quickly as everyone was watching movies, playing games or chatting about their best hiking moments.


All in all, it was a hell of a trip with astonishing landscapes, thrilling adventures and amazing company!



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