Meet Our CS heroes: The Client Support Team

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Meet Our CS heroes: The Client Support Team

If you are launching a campaign, have questions or urgently need help in troubleshooting a technical issue or setting up a complex campaign, the CS team is here for you. This team is full of experts, who not only support clients on a daily basis but also provide a post-analysis of a campaign’s performance including heat maps, custom reports and case studies.


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But who are they? And why are they so appreciated by you and all of our other clients? Behind the scenes, every single team in the CS department comprises a bunch of happy, creative and very enthusiastic people, who not only have great commitment for their work but also foster a great environment for their colleagues, they also feel great pride in giving something back to the local community through the Adform Elementary project, by raising funds for homeless dogs with hot dog days in the office and who played a key role creating the highly publicized Lunch Zone opening by the Neris river. Some of the answers are to be found below, as we explore the experiences in Adform of three dear CS heroes and their teams.








What does the CS team provide for our clients?

Alex: A fast response to their queries, as we are constantly working with our platform in the same way they are. In other words, we are also the consumers of the product we develop. We also love to listen to their suggestions so we can improve the general user experience. Our department is optimal for transferring the feedback to our development department.


Ieva: Every day we encounter our clients’ suggestions and issues. We provide them with quick and high quality answers, to improve their workflows as much as possible.


Eugenijus: We simply provide a reliable, fast and friendly service that ranges from producing a custom rich media solution for a big client to sending a click tracker to a publisher for a GIF banner.


What is your role in the team?

Alex: At the beginning, when I was a junior, I set up campaigns for our clients and solved their issues, but when you grow in Adform you gain more responsibility and face new challenges. Right now I scan for obstacles that our clients and the members of my team may have and I report them to our development team, who create solutions. I am also the main person responsible for delivering a quality service to our clients in Brazil. In Adform, we have the opportunity to participate in or create projects of our own, so I am also working on some projects whose main goal is to improve our daily work tasks.


Ieva: I am one of the members of the Little Italy team. As I am still a newcomer, my role for now is to learn as much as possible so I can give the best support to our clients. The main focus at this moment is setting up campaigns and solving any issues related to them.


Eugenijus: I am responsible for all of the RTB campaigns in the Norwegian market. Before that, I was responsible for the display campaigns for the same market and I was also in the UX team testing various parts of our system.


What is your favorite kudos from a client?

Alex: One of our clients from Pakistan said that I was Alexandre the Great, because I had conquered their heart with the service and care I was giving to them.


Eugenijus: “I love the work that you do.” Can there be anything better than when somebody loves your work?


Can you give us some examples of great ad campaigns you’ve supported?

Alex: Michaels Arts & Crafts banner campaigns for the USA. It was very interesting because of the number and diversity of ads we were managing. We had to create new features in our platform to deliver everything on time, thus it was super exciting to learn new ways to streamline the work.


And of course all the RTB campaigns I have ever managed. It is exciting to study the reports and optimize the campaigns to achieve even greater results for our clients. You get to understand the behavior of internet users. This even inspired me to create campaigns for my own blog.


Eugenijus: While every campaign is interesting in its own way, I find the campaigns where the client gets to test our platform the most exciting. There are just so many “Wow, your platform can do this?!” moments.


Why do you think the CS team is so loved and trusted by our clients?

Alex: Adform is one of those companies that understands that to provide excellent client service you must have outstanding employee satisfaction. Adform invests a lot in its employees, unlike other companies or organizations I’ve worked for. Whenever we achieve good results, we get awards and recognition from our leaders. These motivate us to achieve more and more, and the biggest winner is always the client. It is important to mention that the structure of our organization is not strictly hierarchical. You can reach the senior executives at any time and they are happy to hear what you have to say.


Eugenijus: Because of our dedication to giving the best service. For each and every client we strive to do our best to fulfill their needs. This sort of mentality is engraved in the Adform DNA.


Who should join the CS team?

Alex: Anyone interested in becoming a superhero for our clients around the world and who wants to work surrounded by people full of energy and motivation.


Ieva: Those who are ready for a really dynamic work environment as we never know what each day will bring.


Eugenijus: It is hard to pick a single quality. The CS department accommodates a wide range of specialists, from HTML5 wizards to reporting gurus. Though we all have one unifying quality: A certain spark in our eyes – the pleasure for the work we do.


Why is CS such a special place to work?

Ieva: This is a job that gives me instant satisfaction, because we have direct contact with the clients, and therefore we can clearly see that the things we do are useful and valuable for them.


Eugenijus: Two simple reasons: First, Adform has a great platform where you can put your existing knowledge into practice and second, the CS team is a wonderful place to grow as a professional and as a person.


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So, there you go, dear readers, the secret behind our popular CS department! Want to join forces with our mighty CS heroes? Then click here to see available job opportunities.


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