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New Office in Adform Family

Next week is a very special one for Adform. We'll have a new member of our office family – it’s Finland. We have been successfully serving the Finnish market from as early as 2008, but up until now it has been in a bit of a shadow of Sweden, from where the operations were managed. Along with opening an office, we are proud to present the Sales Director for Finland, Mr. Christopher Fernandez. In the interview below, he briefly explains his unusual (at least for a Fin) surname, his backgrounds and the market.

Welcome to Adform, hope you had a good start. Tell us something about yourself and your background?

I’m a 31 year old soon to be father (due date march 24), born and raised for the most part in Finland despite the last name, but have lived in Venezuela, USA and UK. My father is from Spain which explains the last name.

I have worked in media agencies digital teams for almost 7 years and for the last 2 I’ve been the Head of Digital for Virta Mediacommunity (Mediacom Finland), the fastest growing agency in the country. Prior to joining Virta I worked for Aegis Media (Carat&Vizeum) & MEC Helsinki.

Apart from my family the second most important thing in my life is football. More specifically, Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. Even friendships are forgotten for the 90minutes either one of the two teams play. I’ve also played myself for almost 25 years before having to quit 2 years ago. Age doesn’t come alone and my knees couldn’t take it anymore. Since then golf has replaced it and I try to get over 50 rounds in each year despite the short summers we have here.This year may be an exception with the new arrival to our family.

Please give an overview of display advertising in the Finish market?
The Finnish display market is somewhat different from even it’s closest neighbors. I have sometimes felt that display advertising doesn’t get the respect or attention it deserves. Things have however been changing lately and more attention has been given to plan and produce more effective display ads that meet the advertisers targets. Lot’s of work and learning to be done there still.

The most unique thing about the market is the size of the ad formats. This still seems to be the trend and every couple of years a new larger than before, ad format is being offered by a media and due to demand others are forced to follow.

I suppose this is being passed on from Finland being a large print advertising country. More focus is being paid to graphic design and cramming content into one frame rather than using innovative techniques and technology to create engaging ads.

What is the hottest trend within display advertising in the Finish market right now?
From media agencies and the digital forward media houses and vendors point of view RTB is the hottest topic at the moment. There is however not much spending on it yet. The use of in-banner video seems to be picking up. The popularity and increasing use of webtv in campaigns has led to advertisers search for more contacts for their video content via display ads.


Is Rich Media ‘big’ in Finland?
Apart from use of video, rich media is very much underused. Complex solutions are rarely seen and when they are it is usually from international brands with local executions.


How to you see Real-Time bidding evolving over the coming years in Finland?
I’m hoping for the sake of advertisers that real time bidding will take off and more effective campaigning is done. However currently I feel that there is a lack of experienced enough people to do it. It will require a lot of training of planners by the senior digital people in agencies.


Why did you decide to join Adform?
I’ve used Adform for the past 4 years I have seen it evolve and develop into a very important tool for agencies. This has made Adform a very interesting company from my point of view because I have always been interested in the technology side of digital marketing. In addition the talks I’ve had with David (David Fulton, CCO at Adform) and what I have learned about the way Adform is moving, I feel that the companies’ take on digital advertising is similar to my personal.


That is all we got for now, looking forward to the office opening!


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