The Record is Broken!

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The Record is Broken!

We’ve got news that the expedition, Towards the Centre of The Earth, has reached its main goal and broken the world record for the deepest cave-dive. After reaching the bottom of the Krubera-Voronya cave, Ukrainian member of the team Genadij Semochin dived into the slump called ‘Two Captains’ and descended to a total depth of 2,197 metres, breaking the existing record by 6 metres.

The earlier record (2,191 meters) was also set by Genadij in 2007. Many teams and expeditions have attempted to break or at least repeat this achievement, but were not successful. Earlier this year, Genadij came to visit and take lessons from one of the most experienced Lithuanian divers, Vytis Vilkas (who was unfortunately unable to participate in this year’s expedition due to illness). This training, even without the supervision of the master, lead Genadij to break his own record and set a new milestone in cave-diving history.

Although there hasn’t been a repeat this week of the heavy rainfall in the Caucasus Mountains, the weather is still not being kind to the members of the expedition – the rain continues and the biggest concern for the cavers is to reach the surface safely. According to the latest news from one of the members of the expedition, the sumps in the Krubera-Voronya cave are flooded and a couple of speleologists have already reported various health problems, including colds and inflammations. The journey to the surface will not be an easy one.

Stay tuned - more news and photos to follow!


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