Towards The Centre of the Earth – Update #2

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Towards The Centre of the Earth – Update #2

The expedition is being beset by unexpected problems: a couple of team members became ill, and additionally, due to heavy rainfall in the area, the conditions in the cave have become dangerous and connection last week with some deeper base camps was lost for more than 24 hours.

The connection was fixed eventually and all the cavers have confirmed that they are safe and sound. According to one of the Lithuanian team members, Daumantas Liekis – who has had to stay in the surface camp because of a joint inflammation – despite the heavy rains, cavers continued working as planned. Some have already reached a depth of 1,600m and continue to descend into the cave. The plan is to reach a depth of 2km before the end of this week.

Aidas Gudaitis, team leader of the expedition, explained that the biggest threat for the cavers in Krubera-Voronya is rain – because some parts of the cave may suddenly be flooded, making it impossible to move any further.

Members of the Lithuanian team have reported that the heavy rains in the Caucasus have continued during the past few days and already there are signs of flooding in the cave. If the weather does not get any better in a few days, the cavers might have to leave the cave and the expedition will have to be terminated.

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