Norway: Reinventing Outdoor in the Interactive Age

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Norway: Reinventing Outdoor in the Interactive Age

Sony Music, fluxLoop, CAPA and Adform joined forces for an interactive campaign in Norwegian cinemas, which took outdoor advertising to a new level.

By blending innovation, technology, creativity and interactivity in one campaign, they succeeded in reaching a jaw-dropping OTS of 21% and a conversion rate of 31.3%! fluxBox is an advertising solution for the iPad generation.

By using a variety of technology such as touch, NFC, camera, sound and Microsoft Kinect, it invites people to interact with campaigns in a unique way. Sixteen interactive fluxBoxes were installed in Norwegian cinemas. Audiences could swipe the fluxBox screens, rotate through four different artists, and watch music videos featuring Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Isac Elliot or One Direction.

They could then click one of the three social media buttons, enter their phone number and receive a link for an exclusive download.

By being able to track how many faces were in front of the camera and in the distance, the fluxBoxes produced an excellent overview of the audience and their interaction. Moreover, since the content of the campaign was hosted on an Adform platform, the advertiser had a chance to continuously update the campaign, based on dynamic measurements, to meet the goals and to get the most out of every ad penny spent.

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