Hyperlocal Targeting Now Available In Adform GO!

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Hyperlocal Targeting Now Available In Adform GO!



A few months ago we added in-app buying to our Adform GO mobile platform, and now we’ve added a new feature called Hyperlocal Targeting to further improve your mobile advertising capabilities. Hyperlocal targeting allows marketers to geographically target their audience using Smartphone GPS data. This means that you will be able to target your audiences in real time based on their physical location on in-app inventory!


Targeting Just Got Real


It is no great secret that users are growing more accustomed to spending hours on their smartphones every day, with recent studies showing that American users on average spend a mammoth 5 hours a day using their smartphones, and smartphone penetration per capita in Europe is projected to reach and impressive 67.3 percent in 2018. Now imagine a tool to reach these users on these devices, whenever, and more importantly wherever they are... Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising has given marketers an extremely strong tool in regards to doing exactly that, opening up a new world of advertising possibilities.


Hyperlocal brings with it all of the usual real-time reporting luxuries that you have grown accustomed to through using Adform, but with the added convenience of geo-targeting using smartphone GPS data, effectively enabling you to target users based on their real-time proximity to your locations, your competitors locations or relevant points of interest.


You Look Like You Could Drink a Beer, Right?


Not long ago zip code targeting was all the rage in the ad tech market, but Hyperlocal targeting is a total game changer… Imagine Targeting a whole music festival with your ads directly on users’ phones! Or a football match? A conference? The area where your competitor's shop is? The possibilities are endless when it comes to hyperlocal. You will be able to target demographics, target lifestyles, target a specific area or radius (with the option to include/exclude users), while delivering unique, relevant ads in real time based on whatever is going on around them, effectively bringing advertising back to the people. Remember how ads could target Tom Cruise wherever he was in Minority Report? That is Hyperlocal Targeting, just a lot less creepy.


Cutting Down The Sales Funnel


Hyperlocal targeting effectively removes the clunky steps for marketers that has previously meant that they had to push potential leads to their website, in order to possibly generate a sale. With Hyperlocal Targeting, the sales funnel has been dramatically shortened, bridging the previously wide chasm between prospects and new customers, changing the sales funnel from being a linear and protracted process, towards being right at eye-level with the consumer.  With awareness and purchase being moved closer together, marketers are able to get “up close and personal” with users, target the right people, on the right devices, at the right times, in the right place.


We’ll be releasing a range of updates to our Adform GO platform over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for more! 


If you want to learn more about Adform GO and all of it's functionalities, don't hesitate to get in touch via [email protected] or click here for a free demo!


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