Supply Side Updates (July)

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Supply Side Updates (July)

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We’re constantly updating the Adform platform. Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements, and new product launches. This month a lot of updates are delivered by our Data Management Platform team. If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager or browse our Help Center


CPC Pricing Model for Non-Guaranteed and House Line items


A new pricing model for Non-Guaranteed & House line-items was introduced, allowing you to sell inventory on a price-per-click basis. Learn more in our Help Center.


Date as a Tracking Point Variable is Now Available in the AS&T Builder


You can now add Date as a Tracking Point Variable when creating segments with AS&TD segment builder. This feature allows you to retarget users for a defined period of time. For example, if a user visits an airline company’s website, sets the departure date as July 15, but in the end does not buy the ticket, you can retarget that user until July 15th. Learn more here.


Smart Segments Recalculation


A Beta version of Smart Segments Recalculation has been released, enabling you to remove mismatched cookies from the segment, i.e. update the segment in real time or on scheduled basis. By using this function, you are able to define the audience more accurately. For example, you can create a segment consisting of the users who have received an invitation, but have not visited the page yet. Learn more in our Help Center.


InterScroller Format Support


InterScroller ad format is now supported by our ad server and can be run on the mobile web. 


In-Stream Banners Are Now Supported in the Advertising SDK


You can now create In-Stream banners through the Advertising SDK and gain customization options, such as choosing when to run a video advertisement in the context of the content (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll) as well as report and analyze the performance of different start positions. Learn more here.


Automated Guaranteed Updates

  • Geo Targeting is now supported in DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and Cxense ad servers.
  • Key-value pairs for targeting can now be easily transferred from ad servers (Cxense, DFP, PPAS) without the need to manually create them in the Automated Guaranteed account.
  • Additional line item priorities in DFP ad server.
  • DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Video update: Supporting video size different from the one that was defined in the Product setup.
  • Publisher API update: You can now see the capacity of the line item, i.e. estimated number of impressions, without taking into account the number of reserved/booked impressions. Also, availability numbers for date range can be split by date/hour.

Read more about Automated Guaranteed here.


Reporting Updates

  • From now on the Default tab for exported reports is the second tab (report).
  • Deal filter was added to the Deal Performance and Deal Buyers reports.
  • AG fee (%) metric has been added to the AG Billing report.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will be happy to answer your questions.


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