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New Engagement Metrics

A couple of weeks ago we introduced Engagement Metrics, a new set of reporting dimensions dedicated to analysis of the engagement of users with your banners. User Engagement Metrics have various uses, but are essential for evaluating the performance of the creative solution.

Engagement, put in simple terms, is almost any kind of user interaction with a banner. It can be a mouse-over, a banner-expand, initiation of video play or social media sharing. Even clicking on the ‘close’ button is considered to be a kind of user ‘engagement’.


Here at Adform we see an important role for Engagement Metrics in the following situations:

  • Since a user’s interest doesn’t necessarily end up with a click, measuring user interactions within a banner makes perfect sense. Adform Engagement Metrics allows evaluation of display campaigns from a user-interest perspective, which can be done without measuring click-through rates.
  • Various studies have concluded that longer engagement times and higher engagement rates correspond to increased brand awareness and positive brand perception. Our new metrics can help you to find out if you are getting the most out of your branding campaigns.
  • Engagement metrics can help to evaluate whether users respond to banners as predicted, while also indirectly evaluating creative execution.

If you know other situations where Adform Engagement Metrics could be useful, feel free to respond in the comments.


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