Sharpen Ad Targeting With Nested Rotators

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Sharpen Ad Targeting With Nested Rotators

Adform now provides a tool that makes banner rotation painlessly simple. It’s called Nested Rotators and it’s a real treat for advertisers who want to achieve a finer level of user targeting.

Nested Rotators is a set of banners displayed to users according to certain logic or targeting rules. Not only does it assure more variety in advertising, it also brings true business value to marketers, since they can easier reach their desired audience.


Mindaugas Staneliunas, Adform System Analyst, explains the value of the new feature:

Tell us more about Nested Rotators and their benefits.

So-called Nested Rotators is a very awesome feature, bringing many more possibilities and business advantages to advertisers. To put it simply, Nested Rotators means rotators within rotators. It introduces an additional logical layer, allowing the grouping of our standard rotators into logical sets. Over and above the targeting ability of standard rotators, our clients are now able to apply such rules as retargeting, time targeting, and geographical targeting. In short, Nested Rotators is a powerful tool to solve advanced rotation cases.

Nested Rotators Internal

What is the value for the clients?
The advertising business is changing rapidly and rotation setups are becoming more and more complicated. There are a number of different cases where clients can use Nested Rotators – for example, airline campaigns. Users who have already purchased a ticket could be targeted with a hotel offer, matching their destination. For all others, the best performance might be achieved by displaying charter flights during the day and weekend destinations in the evening. And nested into this logic would be, for instance, geographical targeting so that only departures from the nearest airport are selected, while also adding a random rotation between the offers.

With the prioritisation feature, which is available in Nested Rotators, we are giving advertisers the ability to decide which message is the most important when more than one rotator meets targeting requirements. All in all, Nested Rotators is helpful when clients want to apply more advanced logic for user targeting. Our clients have requested such a feature for some time, and we are happy to now offer it.

Thanks, Mindaugas.

Nested Rotators Screen


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