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Updated Video Interstitial

Video ads seem to have been on a constant rise for a few years now. There are a couple of reasons behind this, like the accessibility to broadband internet and the increased processing power of computers, but technology is only part of the story.

The other part is the creative solutions for using online video for advertisement. While it all began with simple pre-roll video clips for webTV, basically a TV ad transferred to the internet, in a couple of years online video advertisement evolved into a separate area of Rich Media.

One of the latest Rich Media video formats offered by Adform is the updated Video Interstitial, or simply an Interstitial. The concept is really simple: a video clip is displayed to a reader of a website during their transition from page to page. The Interstitial as a format itself is nothing new, and has been proven to boost key branding metrics more than once, but Adform’s solution brings new elements to it.



The latest Video Interstitial offers automatic user bandwidth detection, HD quality video and automatic material conversion to HTML5 for a superb viewing experience on almost any device. Furthermore, user engagement functions have been expanded and now the solution boasts integrated social media sharing buttons and a dedicated call to action block. Tracking of all banner events, of course, is enabled by default.

Still, the best part of the new Video Interstitial is that it is so easy to create using Adform platform. ‘Creation of a Video Interstitial is a very simple process, all you need is a video clip’, confirms Irmantas Venckus, product manager for Rich Media and Mobile at Adform. So if you are looking to reinvent the way you use online video ads, why not give our new Video Interstitial a shot? 


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