Berlingske Media Ready for Premium Programmatic Trading

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Berlingske Media Ready for Premium Programmatic Trading

Adform recently released a new offering called Private Market Place. This enables publishers to easily sell their inventory to advertisers and agencies through Europe’s largest DSP. The benefits to the publisher include low sales costs, full control and full transparency in amazing looking reports.

Some publishers are afraid that they will not get an acceptable CPM when selling their premium inventory through RTB platforms. Our DSP eliminates this risk by allowing publishers to choose between Open Auction, Private Auction and Fixed Price on campaign level. Without doubt the combination of publishers being able to set minimum prices and the increasing demand will contribute further to an already growing CPM.

Berlingske, one of the biggest publishers in Denmark, has already launched Private Market Place with Adform. The graph below clearly shows that it is possible for premium publishers to gain significantly higher CPM prices than inventory sold on blinded ad exchanges. Every single day throughout a period of two months Berlingske gained a CPM more than three times higher than inventory sold on the major ad exchanges.

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We hooked up with Allan Olesen, Digital Business Development Manager at Berlingske Media, to get their view on RTB.

Why has Berlingske launched Private Market Place with Adform?

We launched Private Market Place with Adform to reach as many DRRB (Danish Association of Advertising and Relationship Agencies) members as possible. A huge demand for automated trading of online ad-space exists among the major Danish media agencies, and since most of them are using Adform, it was an easy choice.

How do you expect RTB to develop in the near future?

We expect that the RTB market will grow rapidly in the near future. We have already seen a significant growth from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013 and we do believe that this trend will continue and that the growth rate will stay pretty much the same throughout the rest of 2013.

What are your expectations for your partnership with Adform?

Adform holds a lot of information about the local RTB market in Denmark. With this partnership we expect to co-operate with Adform’s specialists not only technically but on strategic issues as well. The implementation process has been quite smooth and we felt like being in control all the way through. This made us feel comfortable in regards to upcoming RTB projects.

Why is RTB a good opportunity for premium publishers?

RTB is based on supply and demand. From a publisher’s perspective this means that you get the right price for every single impression. The advertisers can target specific users and only pay for the most relevant impression which no matter how you look at it will increase the cost per impression.

What will determine whether this partnership will be successful?

With this partnership we expect an increasing revenue stream. Besides that we demand top class service and constructive feedback. The main goal is of course to increase revenue and in order to do that it is crucial that the CPM prices meet our expectations.

To know more about how RTB can benefit premium publishers read more here.

If you want to get started with Adform Private Market Place please contact us here.


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