Deutsche Telekom reap the benefits of the Adform Full Stack

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Deutsche Telekom reap the benefits of the Adform Full Stack


Last year, 
Deutsche Telekom chose the Adform DSP and DMP as their in–house solution for all digital advertising and data needs, just nine months after they decided to use the Adform Ad Server exclusively. Deutsche Telekom work closely with MediaCom for advice and guidance on their planning and buying needs. It’s a great partnership, and with Adform technology, a perfect digital trinity. 

In their first ever in-house branding and performance campaign, Deutsche Telekom enjoyed fantastic
 campaign results that directly translated to brand and sales uplifts (both online and offline) as a result of using the Adform Full Stack (Rich Media, DSP, DMP and Ad Server). 
This campaign was the start of a new strategy for them – to start fully utilizing the first party data at their disposal and to start advertising using programmatic capabilities for both branding and performance activity.



The campaign had three main objectives:  


  • Launch Deutsche Telekom’s new prepaid mobile product, MagentaMobil Start
  • Promote awareness of Deutsche Telekom’s new prepaid mobile product, MagentaMobil Start to target audience
  • Drive traffic to the Deutsche Telekom website




Deutsche Telekom decided to use a combination of Rich Media and standard formats to engage with their target audience across devices (desktop, tablet and smartphone) in this programmatic branding and performance campaign delivered exclusively on deals negotiated with the largest media owners in Germany.



For this campaign, Deutsche Telekom wanted to target new customers (predominantly male, aged 30-59 years), the data used included Deutsche Telekom’s first party data, third party data for keyword advertising, campaign optimisation strategies and Adform Audience Extension. Adform Audience Extension is an option to extend the reach of your campaign to people not in the primary data sets but who share similar browsing history, demographics, purchasing behaviour etc, via our extensive DMP. A leading agency recently used this within a brand campaign for a famous rock band – the primary data set consisted of 27k people, this was extended by 200k when the agency implemented Adform Audience Extension.




To ensure the right user is targeted with a relevant advert, this campaign was executed in various phases:


  1. The user is targeted with one of the brand formats, chosen at random. If they click, they are targeted with the performance banner.
  2. If the user does not click on the brand format, they are targeted with a second brand format with a different message/creative. If they click, they will be targeted with the performance banner.
  3. If the user does not click until now, Deutsche Telekom approach them one last time with a third brand format. If they click, they are targeted with the performance banner.

    If the user did not engage with any of the three brand formats, they are not targeted again.
     If, at any point, the user purchases the product, they are erased from the campaign (this avoids wasted ad spend and increases campaign efficiencies).




The campaign saw some fantastic results that translated into serious brand uplift as well as online and offline sales increases:


  • CTR: 0.17% (over 2x higher than the Global Average CTR for standard banner campaigns in the Business sector*)
  • Engagement Rate: 6.62%
  • Engagement Time: 8.6 secs (nearly 20% higher than the Global Average Engagement Time for Rich Media campaigns for the Business sector*)
  • Online Sales Uplift: Online sales increased by 37% in the second week of the campaign
  • Offline Sales Uplift: In-store sales increased by 18% the week after the campaign launched


As well as using the extensive set of brand and performance metrics via Adform, Deutsche Telekom also commissioned an independent market research company to measure brand uplift as a result of this campaign. The results show significant increases in all relevant marketing KPIs e.g. in the male target group, there is a 7% increase for product awareness and of 11% for ad recognition.


“Using Adform for all of Deutsche Telekom’s global ad planning, buying and serving needs, as well as data management, has dramatically changed our digital advertising strategy. We see data ownership as crucial for optimizing our advertising across awareness and performance digital media.” 

- Stefan Sommer, responsible for the Data Driven Advertising Eco-System, Deutsche Telekom

You can download a pdf version of this case study here

*According to the H1 2015 Adform Digital Advertising Benchmark Report.


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