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Q&A with Adisfaction


This time in our Q&A series, we meet a Düsseldorf-Area based, German digital agency Adisfaction to talk about the company, specifics of the German online advertising market and their partnership with Adform. Markus Ackel, COO at Adisfaction, also shares his ideas on the importance of technology in modern display advertising.

Please tell us briefly about yourself and Adisfaction. How is Adisfaction different from other players in the market?
My name is Marcus Ackel and I have been the COO of Adisfaction since 2007 when the company was founded. We are a full service digital marketing agency and our clients can benefit from consultancy, strategy, implementation and optimization from a single source, who are very experienced in the financial market.


How do you see the online advertising market today? What are the biggest trends and what, do you think, is overlooked by the local marketers?
The biggest trend these days must be mobile and viral social marketing, which are often underestimated by German brands.


As a performance oriented agency, how do you see RTB (or RTA – real-time advertising) evolving in Germany and what does it mean for you?
RTB is becoming more and more important for our clients, but most media is still bought as standard display ads or integrated into booked ad placements near POS.


Adisfaction actively participates in display ad operations on a daily basis. How important are the technology partners in your business?
Due to an ever increasing number of technical influences and possibilities within digital advertising, it is extremely important for us to keep abreast of progress and keep moving forward together with our technical partners.


Why did you choose Adform for your operations? 
Adform really fits the demands of a digital agency in many ways. It increases performance, quality and usability in our daily business.


Now that you have direct, hands-on experience with our platform, what do you think are the greatest benefits of using Adform and where do we still have space for improvement?
Features that save time (e.g. the ability to upload a media plan directly from Excel), or reporting tools like the dashboard for keeping control using a single overview, are important to us because they save us time and make our efforts more efficient. Adform Reporting shows a lot of detail but our dream is to be able to deliver a report directly out of the system to a client not only with all the required information, but also with the presentation the client is used to.


Thanks for the good words, Marcus!

More inforation about Adisfaction available here.


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