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Mobile advertisement is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in recent years. The relatively large screens of smartphones and tablets are perfect for viewing video, touch-screen capabilities are perfect for user engagement, and the ability to connect to high-speed mobile data transfer networks or Wi-Fi makes accessing online content easier than ever before.

As the mobile market sky-rockets, more and more advertisers start to take it as an effective and engaging channel to communicate with their customers. We are committed to make display advertising simple, relevant and rewarding for our clients, and mobile is no exception.

In this blog post we interviewed Irmantas Venckus, Adform’s Product Manager for Rich Media and Mobile.

Irmantas, what makes Adform a mobile-enabled platform?

We offer a number of features for mobile advertisement. Firstly its Rich Media formats. Our expanding banners run smoothly on mobile devices. Our support for HTML5 standard and automatic video converters enables advertisers to run their videos on any mobile device. Using our targeting engine it is possible to target ads to specific mobile devices. If this is not enough, we are able to serve any custom HTML5 banner. All these features allow running mobile campaigns through Adform.

How do you see mobile advertising today? What are the strong and the weak links?

It is still quite complicated to deliver material for mobile screens. Different screen resolutions and different standards make it quite confusing. As for HTML5 – there are no easy-to-use tools for HTML5 ad delivery, while there are numerous tools delivering Flash ads. I hope the situation will change after Adobe releases Adobe Edge, which is going to be a great tool for HTML5 ad production.

Do we serve a lot of campaigns for mobile devices?

The number of mobile campaigns is growing constantly. More and more advertisers want to reach mobile users with their ads, and we are not talking about simple image ads. We can offer engaging mobile Rich Media or video ads that run smoothly on any smartphone or tablet.

What unique features can we offer to our clients running mobile ads?

Our video converter enables the preparation of video material for any mobile device in a few easy steps. For devices without support for Adobe Flash we are able to automatically convert and show video which is a much better solution than displaying a simple backup image.

Mobile is certainly one of the hottest topics of 2012, what have we developed for mobile in 2011?

Video converter, HTML5 video support, Rich Media formats for mobile.

What is the focus for mobile-related development in Adform in 2012?

First, MRAID standard support, published by IAB a few months ago. It is a very important standard and we believe that this standard will open doors for Rich Media in mobile applications. Currently, expanding, interstitial and video ads are supported by this format and we are going to support all these formats in Adform. The possibility to buy mobile placements via Real Time Bidding is also something we aim for. Additionally we want to strengthen our mobile video delivery: we are going to support HD video for iPhone and iPad in the near future. Last but not least, we really believe that HTML5 is the future of mobile advertising, so we are going to improve our tools dedicated to the management of HTML5 ads.

What does the future hold for mobile advertisement, what do you think should be the breaking point for it to go main-stream worldwide?

The mobile technology itself is not an issue, I think. It is becoming an integral part of our everyday life anyway. Broadband internet is also becoming increasingly available for mobile devices, which makes it possible to run video content and allow for an overall richer online experience. Initiatives like the MRAID standard from IAB will allow avoiding multiple integrations with different mobile ad networks for easier buying. I believe very soon mobile advertising will become a natural phenomenon – a native part of digital display advertising.

Thank you, Irmantas!

Do you have any questions about Adform and mobile ads? Feel free to contact us or ask your questions in the comments!


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