IAB Rising Stars and Microsoft Advertising certificate

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IAB Rising Stars and Microsoft Advertising certificate

In 2011, IAB (Interactive Advertisement Bureau) announced their “Rising Stars”, display ad units chosen according to their potential to drive brand equity at scale. There were 36 nominees for the “Rising Stars”, only six made it to the top. The judges, responsible for picking these particular formats included agency creative directors, media executives, publishers and ad operations specialists – in short, the people behind the display advertisement business. More than a year has passed since the “elections”, the formats have been through an extreme testing programme in the furious display advertisement market and can now be officially called “IAB Rich Media Branding Units”.

The Adform Rich Media team has kept a close eye on the development of the Rising Stars programme right from the beginning. So it is natural that today, we already support five out of the six Rising Stars (currently renamed to IAB Rich Media Branding Units) in our platform. Our customers currently have the opportunity of running Billboard, Filmstrip, Pushdown, Sidekick and Slider banners. All these formats are easily created with the help of the Adform Creative Toolkit. Using the toolkit not only saves a significant amount of production time due to the ready-made templates, but it also ensures full compatibility with Adform creative material specifications for trouble-free ad serving and tracking.

Up to now, the sidekick has clearly been one of the favourites among our clients. This interactive solution seems to work great for visually strong branding campaigns, as the examples from Orange Switzerland and TDC Denmark show. Despite being a looker, the Sidekick delivers performance-wise too. Some campaigns have recorded post-click conversion rates of this format to be more than three times higher than those of the standard banners!



And there are more great news! We have been officially certified as a rich media partner for Microsoft Advertisement across all markets. This is a very important step for us and it also brings huge opportunities for all our clients. Microsoft Advertising offers ad placements, in many cases unrivalled by any other media channels, and making use of the wide audience reach, low clutter and support for the latest rich media including the IAB Rising Stars can prove to be a very successful strategy.

So if you’re looking for something to spice up your display advertising campaigns, search no more – the IAB Rich Media Branding Units, formerly known as the Rising Stars are definitely worth a shot. They are extremely engaging and easy to produce with Adform Creative Toolkit, and if you’re quick, maybe you can still use them to create that WOW! factor while running these ads on Microsoft Advertisement channels, that every brand seeks so much?


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