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Inspiration for Your Christmas Campaigns

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Tis the season to be jolly, so I’m going to take this joyous opportunity to give you some juicy stats about how online Christmas sales are forecasted to go through the chimney, along with some of our outstanding brand formats and creative ideas
to ensure your audience are interacting with your brand!


With almost one in four online orders placed in November and December, brands need to ensure they are enhancing visibility of their digital presence in order to reach as many online consumers as possible. During these crucial months for retailers, digital marketers need to really be on the ball to ensure target audiences are being presented with relevant messages, engaging content and attractive offers.

US online Christmas sales

According to the 2015 Holiday Online Shopping Predictions, Adobe Digital Index, online sales in the US over the Christmas period (November and December) will reach $83 billion, (a year-over-year growth of 11%). 11% of online sales will be completed via smartphone and 9% by tablet.

Last week, The Drum reported on forecasts by Forrester that suggests online sales for November and December sales in the US will exceed $95bn – an 11% increase on 2014 due to increased mobile activity, according to Forrester. eMarketer reports on the new ‘Buy’ buttons on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter that may contribute to the rise in mobile commerce.

UK online Christmas sales

According to the 2015 Holiday Online Shopping Predictions, Adobe Digital Index, online sales in the UK over the Christmas period (November and December) will reach £18 billion, (a year-over-year growth of 7%). 9% of online sales will be completed via smartphone and 14% by tablet (quite an interesting reversal in mobile device usage when compared with the US). 

The Retail Gazette reported that UK shoppers who stated how they were planning to complete their Christmas shopping this year, 45% plan to complete research and shopping online (58% of 45-55 year olds). 72% respondents stated they will shop online using desktop, 17% will shop online using their smartphone (this rises to 39% in 16-24 year olds) and only 13% plan to use a tablet. For those who are undecided about the way in which they will complete their Christmas shopping - deals, convenience and time are major deciding factors, a couple of points to bear in mind when creating desktop and mobile consumer journey and experience.

The BBC reported on some interesting research from Experian-IMRG; online spending in November and December is expected to reach £26 billion this year (a significantly higher forecast than Adobe). Interestingly, Verdict Retail forecast a 44.9% growth in online spending over the next five years, £62.7 billion is estimated to be spent online in the UK by 2020.

Inspiration for your Christmas ads

We all know what Christmas means: A race for digital advertising space for brands, and a fight for revenue share that soars to increasing heights during November and December. We'll help you improve the impact of your Christmas campaigns by providing examples and high-impact formats which will improve your CTR and brand recognition.

Here are a few of our ads that we recommend for your Christmas campaigns.


The beautiful, elegant Gatefold starts life as an Overlay but after a couple of seconds, it splits and folds away in two halves to become two sticky Skyscrapers, along with a Billboard. It is attention grabbing, slick and smooth and is a perfect unit for brand awareness. 

As the viewer scrolls down the site, consuming its native content, the Skyscrapers stick to the left and right side of the page so as to maintain maximum exposure whilst increasing the likelihood of engagement. 

Programmatic: PMP and Automated Guaranteed

HMTL 5: Of course

Christmas -blog -inside -givenchy

This format is great for performance and brand awareness campaigns. It doesn’t offer much space to house branded content but the Overlay and folding effect grabs user attention instantly, compensating for the possible lack of interaction.

You can check out a Gatefold we created for Givenchy here.


Takeover Carousel

The charming Takeover Carousel offers a wealth of space for branded content and product info, making it a superb unit for both performance and brand campaigns. As you’d expect, the Takeover Carousel consists of a unit similar to a Billboard that houses the Carousel, along with a Skin. The Carousel rotates as the user hovers over left and right arrows within the unit, content can include videos, images and specific product info.


Programmatic: Open RTB (if the Billboard and Skin are created as one unit), PMP and Automated Guaranteed

HMTL 5: Of course


Suggested use:


Phase 1: Use Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to include branded video content and product specific content. For example, if users have previously searched for ‘iPhone 6 Plus’ - include a specific iPhone 6 Plus spec, special discounts or free accessories info when ordered online, stock availability in nearest store (using Hyper Local Targeting) and link to e-shop.


Phase 2: Re-target consumers who have not purchased by including a countdown timer on an iPhone 6 Plus screen showing how long they have left to take advantage of the special discount offered to them in a previous unit.

Check out the Takeover Carousel we created for the Sega video game Alien Isolation (Arts & Entertainment, Technology). Note: We can add the Carousel feature to many ad formats including IAB Filmstrip (where it scrolls vertically as opposed to horizontally).

Expandable Cascade

The Expandable Cascade starts life similar to a Billboard – it sits at the top of the page and is great for brand awareness. However, the lovely feature of this ad is that, upon user interaction (clicking), the unit doubles in size and appears to cascade down the page, it then does this a second time which increases the original size of the ad by three times.

It can include branded content (including video,) or specific product information as you can see in this beautiful Pandora example.

Programmatic: Open RTB, PMP and Automated Guaranteed

HTML 5: Of course

Interested in viewing the Expandable Cascade for mobile devices? View the creative we created for Camelot on tablet.


Suggested use:


Phase 1: Use this ad for brand awareness, include ad assets such as video/TV adverts within the unit to encourage engagement and social sharing, perfect for something like the John Lewis #ManontheMoon or Currys #SpareTheAct Christmas videos – you could even use Dynamic Content Optimisation to tailor your videos to your audience – age or interest related, for example.


Phase 2: Re-target those who have engaged with the advert by matching with content based on products the user has previously searched for using Dynamic Creative Optimization. For example, various types of luxury coats and jackets searched for within the last 10 days appear with product specs and a submission form that acts as a data capture point as well as generating an exclusive entry for personal shopping appointment.

We created an Expandable Cascade unit for Pandora; it was a very successful campaign with three phases (awareness, engagement and acquisition) that utilized rich media, standard banners and data for retargeting. You can read all about it here. 


The Gyro is a mobile unit that utilizes gyroscopic technology within the handset to react to rotations and movements that the user is making. The creative within the ad then moves dependent upon what the user is doing with their handset.

This format is great for performance and brand awareness campaigns. It doesn’t offer much space to house branded content but the dynamic, responsive and interactive effects of the creative grabs user attention instantly.

Christmas Blog Inside Tele2

Open RTB, PMP and Automated Guaranteed

HTML 5: Of course

View the Gyro we created for Rinazina Antiallergica (allergy medicine), you can view the effects by clicking the Shake button here. Or, view the ad we created for Lithuanian mobile phone company, Pildyk - hover to the left and right of the ad and you’ll see how the skater follows your direction of movement. 

Another interesting concept to consider is a synchronized creative - it draws the eye across multiple units to create a kind of graphical narrative. You can view one we created for Wine World here and one for Samsung here.

If you’d like to learn more about our new brand formats for mobile, click here.

It's not too late for you to benefit from brand formats and generate some last minute 2015 revenue! Email [email protected] to start the ball rolling today. 




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