Interview: Los&Co about their polite banner for BMW

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Interview: Los&Co about their polite banner for BMW

Following the tradition of interviewing people behind the most creative banners served through Adform, today we are talking to three guys from Norwegian Creative bureau LOS&CO. Arnt, Kim and Per are responsible for this incredible BMW banner, also featured on our Creative Space. 

In this short and straightforward interview we talk about their agency, this particular Rich Media solution for BMW and why it is so special. We also touch on the future, with the guys expressing their views on what could be the next big thing in online advertising.

Tell us a little about yourselves and LOS&CO

LOS&CO is an independent, creatively driven marketing agency based in Oslo. The agency was established in 2008 and has now grown to 32 employees.

What was the actual objective of this campaign?

Our objective was to draw attention to the 2012 launch of the new BMW 3-series Sedan.

How did you come up with this solution?

Car brands have a long history of self-bragging advertising. We felt that BMW could talk with more confidence than others. But what they think of the new BMW 3-series is pretty obvious, so instead of telling our target audience about the new look and features, we thought we could let others tell the story.

Were you inspired by something or somebody to create this particular banner/solution?

First of all we were inspired by the fantastic reviews for the new 3-series.

It seems that the click leading to BMW’s website was not the main focus of the ad. In that case - what was?

The ad shows the car surrounded by 14 international and Norwegian reviews from leading automobile websites. By clicking them you could read the reviews, watch the films, etc. on the actual sites. We believe that this is much more trustworthy than showcasing the car on the official BMW site alone.

Can you share some results or insight with us? Did the campaign go as planned?

The insight leading to this campaign is about how car buyers use the Internet. They search for independent sources of information before making a decision. It’s a bit early to talk about results because the campaign is still running, but it looks very good, especially on sites not often used by car advertisers. 

From your experience, what is more important - the creative idea or the technology behind it (execution)?

Technology is just a tool to get the idea across. The idea is the hero, but sometimes the right technology is just what the hero needs to get the job done.

What was the role of Adform in this campaign when it comes to the creative and technical parts?

Adform was the host of a 900kb, 3D banner that loaded all the content without user interaction and without slowing down the loading time of the website. The size limit for banners on Norwegian sites is about 50kb, but by using the possibilities Adform provides, we managed to exceed the limit by 18 times.

Are you satisfied with what you achieved with this campaign? What about the client?

So far the client is happy and after receiving sales numbers at the end of the campaign period they will be even happier (we hope!).

What do you think will be the new trend in digital creativity this year?

We would like to answer with a question: Will 2012 be the first year when use of the Internet from mobile devices overtakes the use from stationary devices?

Thanks guys, and all the best to you, BMW and Los&Co!


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