New Ad Visibility Measurement Model Launched

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New Ad Visibility Measurement Model Launched

To help our clients to run effective campaigns, Adform has released a unique ad visibility measurement model. It allows the acquisition of accurate statistics and advanced analytics on ad visibility: visibility time, visible impressions, and brand exposure duration (BXD).

The visibility model proposed by IAB is 50 per cent of the ad viewable for at least one second. With our latest updates, clients can modify this model and start counting visibility when, let’s say, 65 per cent of the ad is in the viewpoint for more than two seconds.

What is visibility measurement?

  • Visibility measurement is a metric indicating how much time, on average, an ad was visible to users.
  • BXD is another metric, showing the average duration of the banner being visible on the user‘s screen, adjusted by the percentage of the screen it covers.
  • For more information about the IAB Making Measurement Make Sense (MMMS) initiative, click here.

Why does visibility measurement matter?

Today, we rely on so-called served impressions, recorded by ad servers. However, about 30 per cent of ad units are not in a viewable space to the end-user, or fail to fully load on the screen. This can result in a significant overcounting of impressions.

What do we offer?

Adform offers:

  • a reporting package, including:
    - visibility time measurement
    - brand exposure duration
    - number of in-screen impressions
  • support for cross-domain iframes
  • visibility measurement that works across different devices (desktop, tablets and phones), in all browsers, and on all ad formats
  • an easy-to-use model, fully incorporated into our platform, requiring no implementation time for clients.


Improvements do not occur in a vacuum, but arise out of need. So spread the word about this useful feature on your social media channels!


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