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High-impact formats, a.k.a. brand-friendly formats, are characterized by using larger ad space to display all the creative elements that will make users engage with a brand. We believe creativity is the primordial component of any given ad, but if consumers do not see an ad, how can they acknowledge it? How can consumers interact with the brand and recall its message?


Rich media delivers a stronger viewability rate[1] over standard banners (31% higher) for a number of reasons. Expandable ads and homepage takeovers all but guarantee that consumers will see these ads. In addition, many premium ad units, such as those that appear at the time of page load, are rich media.


Brands utilizing a bigger canvas to reveal their brush strokes end up grabbing consumers’ attention by standing out from the competition (other ads), which is key when it comes to connecting with an audience.


Creativity within ads is best expressed when using video. Our analysis in our latest benchmark report shows much higher engagement and playtime when video content is included in any type of banner (e.g., rich media, video, and mobile). Rich-media banners that feature video content deliver a better average video playtime (37.23 seconds) than do video formats such as pre-roll or mid-roll (34.22 seconds). Mobile formats containing video have an average playtime of 14 seconds. This trend indicates that video content is an effective way to capture and hold consumers’ attention. Marketers seeking to raise brand awareness should consider video campaigns.


Furthermore, based on consumers’ behavior, we have seen an increase in video ads due to the new trend in TV consumption for on-demand viewing and streaming services. This explains why digital video ad revenue reached $3.3 billion in 2014, a 17% increase from 2013 (IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report FY 2014). In the UK only, publishers have experienced significant growth in online video ad formats - 23.8% increase in Q3 2015 compared to Q3 2014 - according to the latest Digital Publishers Revenue Index Report (DPRI) released by Deloitte and the Association of Online Publishers (AOP).


There are no signs of that growth slowing any time soon. Mobile Video Usage: A Global Perspective, a global study of 24 countries, revealed that video ads ARE seen and that video viewers in surveyed markets are overwhelmingly open to personalized advertising when watching mobile video. Mobile viewers regularly stream longer programming, such as movies and full-length episodes of TV shows.


To highlight this, we have gathered the most popular high-impact formats seen in our system. Simply click on the next icons to see the demo!


Desktop Campaigns

Bespoke Takeovers with Video: 


Audi A4Disney Good Dino


In particular, those in the automotive and entertainment sectors include their promotional videos as part of their takeover ads. To make ads even more effective and catchy, those in the entertainment industry use special effects to customize the entire ad environment within a publisher site. One trend we see a lot is for those advertising big movie premieres to take advantage of all the ad space available, thus ensuring that users see the ad and the message in the most exciting way.




GivenchyEstee Lauder


When it comes to floating banners, the health and beauty vertical tends to choose formats in which the ad still takes over the publisher site but with more subtle elements and less or no video content at all. This option truly represents a more engaging, elegant way to communicate the brand message and often matches consumers’ expectations for these type of products: simple and delicate but eye-catching.


Cascade (Expandable):




Another popular format we have seen is the expandable with cascade format, which is very popular due to its ability to showcase all the information in more than one panel as the top banner expands and cascades into multiple panels, each of which offer relevant content. This is a much more flexible way to display what’s relevant for your audience.


Venetian Billboard:


WestfieldJaegerDisney Into Woods


This example of a polite banner placed at the top of the publisher site illustrates that ads do not always have to expand or play videos to engage consumers. A large, well-positioned billboard is the first step in catching consumers’ attention, but the interactive effect offered by these Venetian billboards do the job brilliantly. The Venetian billboard was designed to be high impact but unobtrusive while fitting within standard banner dimensions. After clicking on the unit, the user is re-directed to a separate page for further information.


Mobile and Tablet Campaigns

Recently, Adform recognized a set of Mobile Brand formats we believe will improve marketers’ mobile advertising. These formats stand out for their full-page or half-page sizes, which help attract consumers when advertising on portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets).




We hope you are inspired by all these formats. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Brand Solutions page. We can help you find the strategy that works best for you!


[1] Percentage of viewable impressions in relation to all impressions. An impression is considered viewable when at least 50% of an ad appears in-view on a user’s screen for at least one full second.


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