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Updated Creative Toolkit

Adform Creative Toolkit is a dedicated Adobe Flash plug-in for creating all types of banners, from standard ones to the most advanced rich-media solutions. Once installed, it is very simple to use and brings valuable benefits for anyone creating banners, especially banners that will be used with Adform.

It was decided a while ago that our Creative Toolkit has grown up and is now mature enough to use make-up without overdoing it. Eventually, with the help of our designers, it got a new, cool look that makes you wanna use it.

So, what does this creative toolkit actually do, you ask? Here’s a little list:

  • It lets you create all sorts of banners for your campaigns easily and quickly. Even the most advanced formats like IAB Slider, IAB Sidekick or IAB Pushdown are supported.
  • It minimizes the amount of work you have to put in to produce advanced rich-media solutions. The Toolkit has a number of ready-made templates and it only takes a few easy steps to produce a fully working rich-media ad, which works perfectly! Furthermore, you can save your own banner as a template and reuse it for upcoming campaigns.
  • It makes sure that every banner is perfectly compliant with Adform’s creative material specifications: click tags, events and other important code snippets are implemented automatically.
  • Dynamic content banners are supported by the Toolkit. The weight of a banner, especially one with dynamic text, is undoubtedly the biggest headache for any developer. All dynamic text fields need to have fonts embedded, therefore significantly increasing file weight. But don’t worry, our solution allows the embedding of fonts dynamically from externally loaded files.
  • The video solution allows an unlimited number of fully editable video controls. True streaming and bandwidth detection is also supported. Still, the best part is that you do not have to implement tracking codes manually – video tracking is enabled by default.

Finally, Adform Creative Toolkit is helpful, it saves time, it increases productivity – and it also looks nice. And ask creative people anywhere in the world – it’s so much easier to create something nice when your tools are not only functional, but are also pleasant to look at.


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