Adform Launches the Adform CMP Powered by

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Adform Launches the Adform CMP Powered by

Adform launches the Adform CMP, an open-source initiative co-developed in a DigiTrust (now IAB Tech Lab) Working Group Setting


In line with industry changes tied to the implementation of the GDPR and our commitment to being the technology vendor of choice when flexibility and neutrality is a top priority, the Adform Consent Management Platform (CMP) is now available.


GDPR provides six legal basis for the collection and processing of consumer’s personal data. For many advertisers and publishers the “consent” basis is the most relevant and by many, considered a necessary requirement for the use of cookies. Adform is a founding contributor of the DigiTrust (now IAB Tech Lab) CMP Development Working group where members have come together to collaborate on the co-development of an open source CMP.


Adform is providing a CMP to empower brands, advertisers and publishers who have identified consent as the appropriate legal basis for their online behavioral advertising activity. Our CMP provides a reliable technology tool for the standardized collection of consent at a global level.


Jakob Bak CTO and co-founder at Adform has been heavily involved in the partnership and explains, “The Adform CMP is built through partnerships to align with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework, which has been launched as an open-source and non-profit solution.  At Adform, we are firmly committed to supporting open industry standards and delivering the best user experience possible to our clients and partners.”


The underlying mechanisms that drive the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent  Framework and the Adform CMP standardizes how an advertiser, publisher or other suppliers of online services, may capture the end users’ consent for data processing and provide transparency to its suppliers and partners.


Do you need to use the framework?


Adform contractually requires clients and partners to ensure that the needed consent is given for setting Adform cookies or reading Device IDs. If domestic legislation allows “informed consent” (for example, if cookie notices are considered satisfactory by the national authorities in a specific country), then this is, naturally, sufficient consent for Adform in that market. 


Apart from our consent requirements for cookies and accessing device IDs, the processing of cookie data which Adform or clients using Adform conduct is engineered to comply with Legitimate Interest as a legal basis. It is thus only for compliance with the existing ePrivacy implementation that we formally require Consent. Adform does not require or force any client to use the framework and understand that each client’s approach to data might be unique.


To that end, it is up to the client to decide how best to go about GDPR. Our commitment is to provide tools that are flexible, transparent, and powerful in order to best serve those needs.


The IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework – What is it?


The IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework is designed to satisfy the requirements of GDPR with respect to offering consumers transparency and choice.  Under GDPR, valid consent requires that consumers give consent freely, in a specific, informed, and easy to understand fashion. This needs to be given via a clear and pro-active action.


To help advertisers, agencies and publishers secure consent in a trustworthy and reliable fashion that creates a new industry standard, the framework has been developed. This creates a global standard for securing consumer consent related to the use of their personal data.


More info: the official framework page


Have questions or want to implement the Adform CMP Framework powered by IAB Tech Lab and


Our new Adform CMP is free of charge and can be downloaded by request.


For support on the Adform CMP please write to [email protected].


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