Adform’s new Agile Coaching CoP gets a taste of our company DNA

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Adform’s new Agile Coaching CoP gets a taste of our company DNA

August is a very special month for Adform. It’s the month when the whole company congregates in Vilnius for our Summer Festival. For me personally, it’s always an amazing opportunity to catch up with colleagues from non-Lithuanian offices. Even though the festival itself is always fun and brilliantly organized, the best bit is mingling with everyone for a few days before the “official” fun begins.


As this year was no exception, I’d love to share with you a story of one team who witnessed Adform’s August craziness (a big part of our DNA) for the first time. So, meet the Agile Coaching Community of Practice:



Even though Agile in Adform is not a new thing and different frameworks are widely adopted in our development teams, there was still so much room for improvement. In order to help each other to improve, we got together and established this CoP. So we stand (or sit) united by a single mission - to establish Agile knowledge and experience sharing in the company. Being open and sharing is another aspect of Adform’s DNA.


It’s only been two months since we evolved into CoP, but when you work in such a dynamic company as ours, two months can feel like a really long time. Amongst other milestones we managed to reach within this time, participating in Adform EXPO is one of those worth mentioning.


Adform EXPO is a day-long internal unconference dedicated to edification through key-notes, informal talks, product booths and an opportunity for teams to share what their team do. Preparation for this event drives our marketing team out of their minds – in a good way, I think.


For our community it also turned out to be an exciting challenge and, if I’m really honest here, fun. In an Agile environment, playing games is a common way of learning. By playing games during the EXPO, we illustrated the importance of limiting work in progress (WIP game), the importance of clear communication (playing “User Stories”) and the challenges of shaping the mindset (“GO” game). We collected some valuable insights by doing a company Retrospective (one of SCRUM ceremonies). We have also put together some photographic proof of our efforts and the good time we had at EXPO:



Even though we can learn a lot from our Adform colleagues, learning from other members of the worldwide Agile community is also very important for us. For that we have traveled to ALE 2016 – the biggest Agile Lean unconference in Europe. So stay tuned for our adventures in Paris!


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