Celebrating Ten Years at Adform

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Celebrating Ten Years at Adform

To be an Adformer you need to possess what we refer to as the ‘Adform DNA’. This means you need to be open and caring, possess an ownership mindset, and have an agile and innovative spirit.

A group of people who know all about our company DNA are five Adformers from our Vilnius office who celebrated their ten-year work anniversary this summer. What's kept them working for the same company for a decade? And in what ways has the company changed in that time? Let’s find out what they had to say:Justina Andrijauskaitė-Karpovičė – Technical Product Director for Business Support Systems

Justina Andrijauskaitė-Karpovičė – Technical Product Director for Business Support Systems

I started my Adform journey as trafficker, or to put it a fancier way, an Ad Campaign Coordinator. Pretty soon, I began to specialize in supporting clients on all reporting related questions and took my first steps into product management by coordinating feature requests between the client-facing part of the organization and the product development side. Eventually, I became a Technical Product Manager for reporting and spent five and a half years building my knowledge and skills in this area before taking on the role and responsibilities of a Technical Product Director in Business Support Systems.

In hindsight, it almost feels like I’ve worked for at least three different companies that all went by the name of Adform!  The first was a small start-up conducting business from an apartment building with a creaky floor and a bathtub, the second was an organization with a couple of hundred employees, and then finally the third was an 800 employee strong company with a truly global reach. It was, and still is, fascinating to witness and be a part of this evolution and discover what works in a start-up or mid-sized company and what needs to be changed in order to make it to the next level, including going through a few (sometimes painful) transformations to truly unlock our potential as a company.

Personally, I find this journey a privilege. The experience that I have gained here has been invaluable, which is the main reason I’ve stuck around for the past 10 years. That, and it’s also never, ever, boring!

Jonas Dobravolskas – Product Director, Sell Side Products

When I joined Adform it was a small company that was still building its brand and finding its way. While I had some experience in the role that I was hired for, I knew absolutely nothing about advertising technology. I started as a quality assurance specialist, but in reality, as the company was small, we all took on multiple roles. This allowed me to quickly learn every part of the existing solutions and about advertising in general.

As the company grew, new technologies were introduced and new products were launched. With the addition of more colleagues, the demand for new solutions opened up the opportunity for me to switch from quality assurance to product management.

My role now takes me to client meetings across Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, and when you think you already know a lot about advertising, reality soon hits you with even more questions to answer and challenges to face.

Now looking back, I do not remember two years in a row where I would be doing the same thing. There is always something new and exciting to learn and develop in Adform which is what keeps you going. Today, Adform is much more professional and future-focused than ever before, and we’re spreading our Scandinavian hygge all over the world.

Indrė Beinartė – Client Experience Lead

I started my first role at Adform as a junior trafficker while still studying at university. Digital advertising was completely new to me but eventually, I became a senior trafficker and got to work on more advanced cases with a few fixed clients to manage. My manager helped me to foster leadership skills and I became the first team leader in the Client Services department. Today, I get to work on Global Holding Group projects with a team that’s highly knowledgeable in Adform products and responsible for handling escalations and custom cases across markets.

What has kept me at the company is the amazing support from my managers to keep learning and to keep challenging myself in new roles. I also love the global aspect of the organization and being able to interact with different cultures as the company moves into new markets and becomes a more and more diverse environment.

Over the last ten years, new business layers and processes have been implemented. However, as we become more corporate, Adform has definitely still retained its magic, cool atmosphere, and DNA.

Gintaras Strazdas - Senior Software Engineer

Throughout my time at Adform, I have functioned more-or-less as a developer/software engineer with brief stints as a Product Owner and Scrum Master. But throughout that long period of time, I have worked on many different projects, products, and teams. All that variety in technology and people is what keeps me constantly engaged and is what has ensured my career at Adform has remained fulfilling.

The size and requirements of the industry bring the need for a certain technical expertise, and the rapid change the industry has undergone ensures that I remain an avid learner whether my focus is BigData, Integrations, Messaging or Security.

I started when there were much fewer people in the company and everyone knew each other and celebrated each others' birthdays. While the company has inevitably become more formal, it still retains the same core values, family atmosphere, and cosiness. 

Saulius Valatka –  Technical Lead

I started as a developer and spent the first few years working on a very wide set of projects, eventually settling in what later became the Research group where I'm currently a technical lead. I had the chance the see the company grow from twenty to eight hundred people so it doesn't really feel like I've been in the same company for ten years. The constant changes and the continuing and ever growing technical challenges are what has kept me here for so long. 

So there you have it, five Adformers who have chosen our company to grow and nurture their talents.  If you want to join our growing family and if you think you have the DNA, apply for a position today across one of our many global offices: https://site.adform.com/careers/open-positions/



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