Fighting the Fraudsters and Beating the Botnets: Adform’s Third Party Integrations

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Fighting the Fraudsters and Beating the Botnets: Adform’s Third Party Integrations

At Adform, we like to make sure your campaigns are fully optimized and your ads are operating in a safe environment. Through integrating with third party vendors, we can apply a new layer of features to help improve areas such as viewability, attribution, fraud detection and brand safety.  


We’re a bit like a team of superheroes (the Advengers if you like) soaring through the advertising eco-system fighting off evil botnets, bad impressions and strange page content.


Our dedication to Ad safety was exemplified this summer when we helped the IAB and EU drive industry-wide brand safety initiatives. In addition to this, Adform were among the first companies to be approved for TAG registry – an initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain.


Through strategic partnerships with our vendors we have been able to enhance our platform to make ourselves the poster boys for safe, honest and verifiable digital advertising.   


Keeping Brands Safe  


Adult content, alcohol, hate speech and drugs: to some people that might sound like a great weekend, but for advertisers, a serious threat to brand reputation. It’s vital for digital advertisers to remain protected against the plethora inappropriate material in the digital universe.  


Our integration with Meetrics, Adloox, Batch Media and Integral ad Science give platform users the power to control where their Ads are being listed. By carrying out on-site analysis, our vendor apps can check keywords, outbound and inbound links, semantics and imagery to ensure ads remain in a suitable environment.  


The Programmatic era has given advertisers unlimited reach, but as the ecosystem grows and becomes more complex, Adform can help advertisers keep their hands on the reigns.


Shielding Against Fraud


According to, Ad Fraud made cyber criminals USD $10bn richer last year. Several organizations and bodies across the industry have prioritized the tackling of ad fraud and Adform remains dedicated to keeping their ad environment clean and fraud free.

Adform’s Bearskin tool is purpose built to stave off those pesky botnets, ad insertions, and ad re-directs. The tool leverages an anti-fraud algorithm to detect artificial behavior. Bearskin examines in real time whether a click happens immediately, which part of the banner is clicked and what do users do when (or if) they arrive at the landing page.


In addition to Bearskin, Adform’s integrations with Meetrics, Batch Media, Adloox, Integral ad Science and Forensiq provide a multi pronged attack against ad fraud. Whether it’s a comprehensive fraud intelligence database, real time click fraud analytics or forensic audits, our integrations present a wealth of proactive measures to fight ad fraud.


Enhanced Viewability Measurement


An important core value for Adform is transparency. We want to give advertisers and agencies a true and impartial measure of the effectiveness of their campaigns. Through our integrations we can provide clients with a third party perspective on viewability.


In addition to our own reporting metrics, the DMA institute, Integral ad Science, Meetrics and Adloox are among the third party vendors that can provide an additional layer of independent information such as what % of ads are above the fold, how many were in view, and how long they were viewed for.


Studies from Meetrics have shown direct correlations between improved viewability and CTR and conversion rates. With a transparent ethos, Adform can provide accurate and actionable viewability data from different sources that can ultimately boost campaign results.


Accurate Attribution


With integrations like exactag, platform users can benefit from marketing attribution based on a whole range of models. On top of your Bathtub, Linear and Ramp Up models (each of which can be fine-tuned and adjusted with different parameters), Adform offers intelligent data-driven modelling that assigns value to touch points using sophisticated algorithms and a database that is updated in real-time.


If you are an existing client and would like to see a full list of our integrations, please check it out here. Or, if you would be interested in running campaigns with Adform then get in touch with your local office.



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