Finnish Publishers Unite to Create a Common Marketplace

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Finnish Publishers Unite to Create a Common Marketplace


Technology’s fundamental purpose is to increase our connectivity, simplify our ability to digest the fruits of that added connectivity and to automate redundant tasks. With Adform Automated Guaranteed, we’ve applied this philosophy to how the industry handles Guaranteed inventory. In this video, representatives from the Finnish Publisher Group which consists of Sanoma Corporation, Alma Media Corporation, Otavamedia Ltd, Aller Media Oy, A-lehdet Oy, MTV Oy, KSF Media Ab, Kaleva365 Oy, Improve Media Oy and Keskisuomalainen Oyj explain why they chose Adform Automated Guaranteed. They touch on the need it fills, and their lessons and learnings in forging the relationships which make the group possible.


Why Automated Guaranteed?

While other areas of the industry, such as programmatic buying, have benefited from the power and potential of programmatic, Guaranteed deals and IOs have largely been left to stagnate. The need was obvious, particularly in the face of the rapid fragmentation that has accompanied digital. In a world where time is money and finite, training staff, browsing and navigating a wide variety of different guaranteed buying tools which vary widely from publisher to publisher limits business opportunities and drives up costs.


“It’s really great that the local publishers are combining forces and have selected a common tool for AG. There has been a need for a fast booking and buying process for quite some time and we are eager to start using this new platform. This is a highly anticipated development for the market.”

- Antti Kallio, CTO of media agency Dagmar


This, a challenge which has frustrated advertisers and publishers for years, laid the groundwork for the formation of the Finnish Publisher Group. The group is a fully autonomous partnership between Finland’s top publishers who agreed to work together, review and then select one standardized marketplace technology for the Finnish market. In so doing, Finnish publishers maintained their autonomy but gained the ability to market their inventory to advertisers and agencies alongside each other, in one, centralized, easily digestible and low-time investment platform. To fill this need they chose Adform Automated Guaranteed.



Adform Automated Guaranteed (how it works)


With Adform Automated Guaranteed these publishers gained the ability to make their IO and Deals based inventory available in a collective marketplace, without needing to give up autonomy. Only the placements they chose were pushed into the open marketplace. Each publisher signed a fully autonomous agreement and were able to work independently of each other. Lastly, each individual purchase or agreement between advertiser/agency and publisher remains private and subject to the specific terms and pricing agreed upon by the involved parties.


"Our goal is to make it easier and more efficient to buy media space. Automated Guaranteed is in a development phase globally, so it is great to see Finnish media companies and agencies promoting progress in this together with Adform’s expertise.” 

- Hans Edin, Chief Commercial Officer, Sanoma Media Finland


Advertisers and Agencies benefit from the ability to browse inventory from Sanoma Corporation, Alma Media Corporation, Otavamedia Ltd, Aller Media Oy, A-lehdet Oy, MTV Oy, KSF Media Ab, Kaleva365 Oy, Improve Media Oy and Keskisuomalainen Oyj in one unified platform. This means availability figures are available and pulled directly from the Publisher Ad Server while reservations or orders are added directly into the Media Plan.


With the ability to choose between self-service and guided RFP/Proposal based workflows, both the Advertisers/Agencies and Publishers benefit from the ability to automated redundant, inefficient, time consuming, or confusion-prone tasks.


The platform also delivers a level of transparency that helps internal teams work more efficiently, avoid overlap, or delays due to sick team members or staffing changes while also providing external transparency. Across the board from billing to creating a unified record of transactions, to smoothly interfacing between publisher ad server and media plan, Automated Guaranteed cuts out and demystifies obstacles that decrease transparency, cause discrepancies, or lead to confusion.


With the Finnish Publisher Group, Finnish publishers have perfectly illustrated how publishers can come together to provide advertisers and agencies with access that is easy to use and scales smoothly. We view this implementation of Automated Guaranteed as the first step as technology continues to automate the buying process, bridging the gap between digital and traditional channels such as outdoor, print and TV. 


We look forward to how this will inspire other markets and believe strongly that this is a tipping point in a push back to technologies that liberate and enable instead of confine and confuse the ad buying experience. If you’re an advertiser, agency or publisher interested in exploring a similar setup in your local market request more information via, or reach out to [email protected] directly with your questions.



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