Highlights from the Adform Development Unconference

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Highlights from the Adform Development Unconference

With large development teams scattered across multiple countries, we felt the need to bring all of our sharp, brilliant IT minds together to share knowledge, gather ideas, and get motivated to move forward.


We decided to host Adform Development Days, which consisted of a conference on the first day, an unconference on the second day, and three subsequent days dedicated to implementation (or spring cleaning, as we called it), with each team working on the projects that mattered most to them. 


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On May 14–15, Adform development gathered at a conference center in Vilnius to focus on communicating, developing best practices, and having a great time. On the first day, six internal speakers talked about the rise of containers, a thirst for UX, data collection, Scala, A/B testing, APIs, and other important topics. One of the highlights of the event was Greg Young, our external speaker, and his charismatic presentation about the five lessons learned when running better software.  


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The second day was our Unconference day. At Adform, we often use the Unconference format to share ideas and discuss what we can change and improve.


The main idea of an unconference is that every participant can offer topics for discussion, with everyone voting on the most interesting topics and then discussing them in groups, with some lightning talks in between. During our unconference, we eagerly discussed topics such as developer career paths, UX guidelines, secure app development, external APIs, puppet scripts, and other interesting technical areas. We believe this unconference was highly successful because we can already see many of the ideas we discussed being implemented in Adform development.


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After ending the first part of the conference with knowledge sharing, the next part began with three days of implementation. Every team worked on tasks that were most important to them; these tasks weren’t necessarily related to the products or features they work on each day. Then, the teams presented their results to the other teams, and the team that implemented the most tasks even won a prize: home cleaning services for two months! Pretty great, right? :)


Take a look at our highlight video below, and check out the photos in the album. If you want to join our great development team, you can find open positions here



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