Introducing Major Enhancements to Your Buy Side User Experience

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Introducing Major Enhancements to Your Buy Side User Experience

A central focus for Adform has always been delivering the very best usability and customer service. Over the past few years we’ve introduced a wide mixture of new products, tools, and capabilities. But, some legacy aspects of the dashboard and user experience in the buy side of the platform have lagged behind.


That ends on May 2nd, when a significant overhaul of key buy side tools will be rolled out across the platform. This will translate into significant enhancements in usability, a more consistent user experience, and a radical improvement in load times and platform speed.  As a result of these updates, we’re already seeing a 10x increase in the speed and performance of the programmatic campaign management process.

Important Dates & Essential Information 

  • May 2nd, new line item dashboard goes live
  • June 1st, the old media plan will be fully retired (don’t worry, all capabilities are covered in the new release)
  • June 1st, the old RTB line item list will be fully retired (don’t worry, all capabilities are covered in the new release)


What's Being Improved

A fully integrated user experience with accelerated workflows and task logic based directly on your feedback and needs

  • A new RTB Line Item Management Page [Beta]
  • New programmatic campaign dashboard, including:
  • Complete overview customization tools (removes the need to ever visit the reporting section while the campaign is running)
  • Budget delivery monitoring tools
    • Completely customizable delivery alerts
    • Specialized tools for print campaigns
    • Improved budget allocation overviews for both programmatic and TPAS campaigns
  • Mediaplan export template customization options in the Template Library
  • New insertion order export template
  • Additional attributes in Mediaplan Export Templates

Take a Quick Visual Tour 

To more easily share with you just what is being changed, where a few things are moving, and to highlight some of the exciting new features, we’ve asked Adform’s Buy Side Product Director, Feliksas Nalivaika to take you on a quick video tour.


 (click to view the video)


For Further Questions 

Eager to dive into the details? We’ve updated the help section which has a full overview of these changes. You’ll also find more screenshots and an embedded version of the above video on the Adform blog.


Should you encounter any issues navigating these new dashboards or have any specific questions on how best to accomplish your goals, please reach out directly to your local support team.


Did You Catch This Month’s Other Major News? 


Earlier this month you should have received an update on the launch of Adform Dynamic Ads.  This exciting new capability greatly expands the dynamic creative capabilities that have previously been available to you as an Adform client. 


For more details make sure you read the official announcement


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