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Publisher Edge: New Feature Spotlight

In order to further maximize your ability to strategically use the Adform Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, we’ve made a series of additions, updates and changes to Forecasting and Availability updates.


New Widget


To streamline ease of access and reference we’ve added a new widget to the PPAS Sales Dashboard. This widget quickly visualizes forecasts for the sell-out ratio of Publisher's inventory by providing a quick overview of available, reserved and forecast impressions.


This addition is designed to accelerate access to key information making it straightforward for Publishers’ Sales teams to quickly check and monitor inventory's availability across a one-to-four week horizon and visually see a prediction for your sell-out rate.


More specifically, users can now search and multi-select publishers and/or placements and instantly get a forecast for the upcoming weeks. If additional details are needed, by pressing "Proceed to Availability page", publishers will be redirected directly to the Availability page with pre-selected settings for more advanced forecasting. The Widget can be found under Sales tab in Homepage. For additional documentation click here


Delivery Forecast Enhancements


We’ve given Delivery Forecasts an intelligence update.  With this release forecasting can now evaluate and predict the likelihood that a line-item will deliver.  To help visualize these forecasts and to make them more actionable, we’ve applied the standard color-coding system you’re familiar with from elsewhere in the platform.  This makes quickly checking which part of your goal is likely to be delivered, which is contested by other line-items, and which is unlikely to deliver easier than ever to review and act upon. For additional documentation click here.




Impact Analysis


We’ve introduced a new side-panel page with a list of line-items and core data about their impact. From now on publishers will have the possibility, not only to see how many impressions a line-item is taking away from other line-items, or vice versa, but also to see the line-items which are in contest with the given line-item. This includes more specific information detailing impressions where a line-item is intersecting with the given line-item.  This allows publishers to adjust the line-items' goals and optimize delivery to ensure minimum impact.


For added control there is a possibility to open a list of competing line-items by clicking on the appropriate button in the delivery indicators pop-up.



Key Definitions:

  • Line-item affecting others:
    • A publisher AdOps has the possibility to see affected line items alongside the number of impressions the line-items are competing for.
  • Line-item is affected by others:
    • Impact analysis gives an overview highlighting what other line-items are competing for the same supply. 




Reserved Inventory Overview


The new Reserved Inventory Overview enables Publisher Sales teams to see a list of line-items reserving a specified inventory during the Pre-Booking process via the Availability Page. This creates an easy tool for reviewing, identifying and adjusting line-items goals in order to allocate capacity for new bookings.


This information appears on the Availability page which now contains a dedicated Reserved Inventory section located just below the Forecasting graph. The section contains all relevant line-items based on reserved and selected inventory specified via filtering. The Booked column highlights how many impressions were booked during line-item creation, while the Reserved column shows how many impressions a line-item has reserved for the selected segment. For additional documentation click here.




Each of these adjustments are designed to work alongside each other with the final goal of empowering you with added transparency, a more easily actionable overview, and improved user experience. If you have any additional questions about how to get the most out of these features, please contact your local Publisher Account Manager.


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