What's New in Publisher Edge: The August Edition

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What's New in Publisher Edge: The August Edition

We’re hard at work enhancing the Publisher Edge platform to ensure you always have the latest, most stable, and powerful feature-rich platform available. This month here are two exciting new features you should know more about.


Introducing the Advertiser Access Page


Ensuring you’re always in control is at the heart of our commitment to you. Part of this means responding to your feedback and looking at ways to enhance your ease of use.  To facilitate this, we’ve updated the Supply Side Platform interface with a new Advertiser Access page.  The new Advertiser Access page will supplement our recent enhancements for the creation and management of RTB rules.



The new Advertiser Access page is being added to provide you with additional management and control options.  The new page replaces the previous placement-specific functionality with rule-based logical allowing you to apply your changes across multiple placements simultaneously, cutting down on manual work and error-prone redundant activities.


What’s changing?


  • The Pricing Rules page is now accessible under the Inventory tab (click on the Inventory tab in the main menu, then select RTB Rules from the horizontal menu).
  • The left side of the page shows which of the rules have been selected. Inventory Pricing and Advertiser Access rules are available at the moment with plans to add additional rules as need evolves.
  • The middle section displays a list of previously created rules with a brief outline for each. Here, you can use filters to sort the list by Publisher or Placement helping you quickly identify and batch target based on your goals.
  • Demand partner selection in placement general settings has been consolidated and re-located to allow for added options.
  • Rule names are now generated automatically and by default will look like: IP00001, IP00002, etc. and can be changed at any time to align with what you find most intuitive.


To edit an existing rule, or upon the creation of a new rule, you will be able to edit the following:


  • Define the Category and Domain for Advertisers which can access your inventory.
  • Set Demand Partners which you want to trade your inventory with.
  • After selecting access types, use “is”/”is not” logic to specify when specific conditions/options are allowed to trade. When you specify “is not”, the system will block the options you’ve specified from trading.
  • Select “match all” or “match any” criteria within the rule.
  • Review and select the placements for which you want the rule to apply.


With these more precise rules, we’ll be depreciating the “Country” option, which is currently limited to the placement level.


Have questions about how to get the most out of these new options? Contact your local Publisher Account Manager.


Exciting Enhancements to User Roles & Permissions


Sharing space with other people always creates challenges.  This is as true of roommates as it is of digital workspaces and professional teams. To help eliminate confusion, decrease unnecessary clutter, enhance clarity, and give you added control over the platform we’ve introduced user roles and permissions to the Publisher Edge platform.


You can now assign each of your users a role. These roles include a set of permissions that control what that user can see and which actions they can take within the platform. Since we know each setup is different, Administrators can create custom roles and set permissions tailored to their specific needs.  However, to keep things simple, we’ve also included 4 built-in roles; The Ad Operations Specialist, Administrator, Sales Representative and Yield Manager.  These different roles reflect permissions profiles that we find to be the most common across the industry, but they can be further refined to suit your needs.



This new functionality has been implemented to replace module based access in order to deliver more granular control over permissions.  This capability is automatically live for all newly created inventory sources and will be enabled for existing inventory sources over the next month with the option of having it added to your account immediately, upon request.


If you’re currently an Admin user in the platform, you’ll automatically be migrated to an Administrator role. Meanwhile, all existing users without Admin rights will be automatically designated as a Yield Manager under the new role system. We encourage all users to reflect on what roles make the most sense for their team and to update their profile accordingly.



Accessing the role management page is quick and simple and is done by clicking the user accounts option from the System settings drop-down menu.


To learn more about role management, view the help section.


Curious what other feature enhancements and additions were introduced over the past month? View our monthly Supply Side Product Update post here, or jump straight to our Publisher Edge Documentation.


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