What's New in Publisher Edge?

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What's New in Publisher Edge?

We’re hard at work enhancing the Publisher Edge platform to ensure you always have the latest, most stable, and powerful feature-rich platform available. This month here are three exciting new features you should know more about.



Introducing the InterScroller Format for Mobile Web



This format is no longer available as a template. For bespoke inquiries or alternatives please reach out directly.


The InterScroller ad format is a powerful mobile format that allows the insertion of an ad placement organically into a website’s mobile content. As you scroll down the page, the content seamlessly transitions into the ad mid-scroll-flow, returning to the content as you continue your scroll.  It's organically integrated, non-intrusive, and perfectly suited for all verticals making it an extremely flexible and impactful option.


Part of what makes this format so effective is that it goes beyond just re-purposing similar-sized formats from desktop to the mobile web. It's a powerful format specifically designed to deliver highly engaging ads in an organic user-experience centered fashion which has minimal impact but maximum effect. The InterScroller is a great option for publishers focusing heavily on dynamic, high impact, but non-intrusive formats for mobile web. 


We’ve already seen rapid adoption in several of our key markets making it a popular addition to our wide range of formats.  Want to experiment with how the InterScroller works and feels?  Try it out for yourself.   Note: This format will require publisher certification before it’s ready to be used.


Keywords Keyvalues  

Enhance Your Targeting with Key-Value Pairs in Automated Guaranteed


Save time and reduce redundant behaviors across platforms while improving the specificity and relevance of your targeting with these new feature enhancements.  We've focused on making your workflow more efficient through smooth integrations with existing ad server partners which elminates the need for you to duplicate the work invested in carefully defining your targeting. Meanwhile, we've added Key-Value Pair support which adds nuance and control to your ability to target. 


With the addition of support for Key-Value and Geo targeting in Automated Guaranteed you can now target utilizing multiple values with the possibility to further define behavior adding layered intelligence. With Key-Value Pair Targeting you select if all values are required, or if any of the specified values are required when defining a desired target audience. This helps ensure that you target exactly who you want to reach while simultaneously benefiting from the ability to filter out the audiences which aren't immediatley relevant with advanced logic.


The Adform Interface makes this a simple and straight forward process to create and allows for easy transference from our existing integrated ad server partners (Cxense, DFP, Adtech etc.) in addition to a seamless experience from our own powerful Programmatic Publisher Ad Server. If you've already gone through the process of setting your Key-Value Pair behaviors in your ad server, you can easily import those settings without the need to re-create them while adding additional Key-Values in a fast and intuitive way.


What might this look like in practice?


Let’s say you want to target an audience between the ages of 18 and 45. In this instance you’ll have to create a key age and add age ranges as possible values. Once completed, when creating a targeting rule, you’ll select the behavioral category, select age as a key and then select 18-45 as the value. This will then let you target the segments within your audience that are between ages 18 and 45.  Find more information about what this means for you in the Help Section.


Ending Soon Card  

Eliminate Blind Spots with the AdOps Homepage


A few months ago we rolled out new Homepages to help ensure that even as Publisher Edge expanded to encompass new products and features, that the original sense of simplicity which has always been at the heart of Adform was maintained.  As part of that, we’ve created the AdOps card which helps you easily monitor and respond to key data as it emerges enabling you to be as agile and responsive as possible. The latest enhancement to the AdOps card as part of this is the addition of an Ending Soon Line Item Delivery notice and Forecast. We've already seen 15% time savings for simple setups increasing to more than 60% time savings for more advanced and complex setups while improving overall transparency and empowering pro-active responses to emerging opportunities and challenges.


The Ending Soon Card displays a list of all line items about to end, typically in either a 10 or 30 day window.  The card highlights key information such as type, priority, price, number of booked impressions/clicks, number of delivered impressions/clicks and the end date set for the line item. Mousing over a displayed line item will reveal the number of impressions/clicks which were expected to be delivered while additional guidance is given on the likelihood that remaining impressions and clicks will be delivered before the campaign ends.


 The Ending Soon Card is displayed as part of the Line Item Card which also includes a Starting Soon functionality.  Other AdOps cards are the KPIs card delivering a performance overview for your account and the Cross Demand Card that rapidly displays and makes digestible information about KPIs across channels.


In addition to providing a valuable aggregate overview, this new dashboard offers significant benefits when multiple team members are coordinating, or during temporary personel changes such as vacation, sick days, or maternity covers.  The Ending Soon Card provides a clean overview that highlights items in need of immediate action and up-coming areas that will need attention in short order making getting up to speed rapidly an intuitive process.


Once configured, use your AdOps card to monitor potential threats, such as underperforming line items, and ensure that you’re always operating from the most strategically prepared position possible. Jump to the help section to read more.


Curious what other feature enhancements and additions were introduced over the past month? View our monthly Supply Side Product Update post here, or jump straight to our Publisher Edge Documentation.


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