With New Investment Money, Adform Gets Ready to Invest in its Workforce!

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With New Investment Money, Adform Gets Ready to Invest in its Workforce!

It’s no secret that in December 2015, Adform raised $21.5 million in order to fuel the growth of our independent and open full-stack ad-tech platform into wholly new markets. Our goal is to offer unrivaled, end-to-end ad-tech solutions to advertisers, agencies and publishers in every market in the world. To do that, we’ll need to increase our workforce substantially.




Which kinds of positions will we add? Which opportunities will the company prioritize? To find out, we sat down with Andrej Ruckij, VP Strategic Initiatives, Development, and Dainius Kniukšta, Technology Expansion Leader, to hear what lay ahead for Adform and its employees.




What are the plans for expanding Adform technology?


Dainius: Our vision is to see Adform serve as the industry’s leading media-agnostic and open global ad-tech platform in every market in which we operate. To be sure, Adform is well on its way to realizing that vision; we started in the Nordics and successfully expanded throughout Europe and then the U.S. We anticipate moving into new markets for us, such as Asia and Latin America (aka “LatAm”). To do that, we’ll need to ensure our research and development teams have the resources they need to succeed. As anyone who has worked here knows, we’re an open-minded company, and we believe that a balanced mix of cultures, talent and experience will benefit our existing and future clients.  We’ve always prided ourselves on being a ‘glocal’ company (i.e. global reach served by local offices) and we will continue to distinguish ourselves that way.


Adform plans to nearly double the number of IT employees this year, why?


Dainius: Who was it who recently said, “Big kids need big toys”? Perhaps Google. The fact is, we’re expanding our platform to more places, and are quickly growing in global stature. We are responsible for ensuring that billions of ads are seen by the right consumer at the right time each day, and that, in turn, means we need a robust IT team who can make that all happen. It’s a fairly monumental endeavor!


New Hire Office1


Which projects will the new employees focus on?


Dainius: I think the term “project” is a bit outdated – by definition it implies there’s an end date to the activity. In ad-tech, everything evolves quickly and constantly, thus we’ll need to ensure we identify and work solely on features and infrastructure that can provide significant value to our clients and to the market. In other words, Adform will stay true to its core principle of constant innovation.


Andrej: The new employees  – along with our existing ones – will focus on a few challenges. First, as Dainius said, this industry demands continuous advances in business offerings, and there’s no shortage of competitors who introduce new things that force us to be bold and act fast. To this end, we will continue to invest substantial resources into programmatic buying, our data management platform (DMP), and programmatic ad serving for publishers.


And, as mentioned above, we need to continuously scale our platform to serve a global market, as well as escalating traffic loads.


In which countries will the hiring occur? Why were those countries selected?


Dainius:  We will beef up our development offices in Lithuania and Minsk, Belarus, since we already have a strong development teams in these locations. For instance, we will add about 50 IT employees in Lithuania, so that the total number of IT and development employees there will be 227. In Minsk, we plan to double the team members from 50 to 100. Additionally, we will grow our research and analytics teams in the UK, Denmark, and Poland.


We are growing our teams in markets where we see an increase in demand in existing markets, as well as expand into new ones, such as Asia Pacific (APAC) countries. The advertising industry is increasingly global, and this requires us to focus on global research and development.


New Hire Office3


What’s Adform’s philosophy behind technology selection? Which technologies are used in the Adform platforms?


Dainius & Andrej: Our philosophy is that there’s a solution to every problem, and we’re going to find it! In many cases, solving a challenge requires a new tool, and we’ll build it. But technology isn’t always the answer. Sometimes people are, which is why we’ve invested in building top-notch creative and account teams to guide our customers.


In terms of technology selection, we don’t want to box ourselves in, so we always evaluate new possibilities and adopt them if they prove beneficial for our clients. At the moment, we’re actively using following technologies and platforms: JavaScript (vanilla, jquery, angular, backbone), C#, Java, Scala, Python, MsSQL, Mongo DB, Hadoop, Vertica, Aerospike.


How would you describe Adform’s culture? What’s it like to work at Adform?


Dainius: Three words: professionalism, freedom, ownership. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, if you’re always seeking a new horizon, then you’ll find a happy home at Adform.


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Consider Adform!


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