Adform Insider, London: Premium Programmatic Branding

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Adform Insider, London: Premium Programmatic Branding

Last month, we hosted an Adform Insider: Premium Programmatic Brand Advertising event at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London. We wanted to provide a forum for some of the brightest minds in media to discuss digital innovation, premium programmatic branding and the union of data and creativity. And we achieved exactly that, thanks to a packed house of senior media professionals from some of the largest agencies in the UK, as well as some of the cream of the digital publisher crop.

First up, we heard from Andreas Dooley (Commercial Director, Adform) who explored how premium brand advertising is now invading programmatic turf – a lively, informative kick off to what turned out to be a fantastic evening. 

Matt O’Neil (Principal, TEEMO UK) then jumped up on stage and provided an overview of the premium programmatic landscape. A particular highlight was when Matt used the ‘blind men and the elephant’ analogy – the notion that depending what part of a situation, or problem, you focus on, you will perceive it differently to another. O’Neil highlights that sometimes the industry is guilty of referring to one thing, but interpreting it differently. Something we should always be mindful of, in work and play (and politics, given the day!). 

 Elephant Fin 1


We also gained some insight into IDG’s programmatic strategy from Helen Clifford-Jones (Business Director at IDG UK). Helen also explored the importance of data and how programmatic trading is evolving from performance to branding.

Cadi Jones (Director, Audience & Programmatic Specialists, Northern Europe at Yahoo!) then took to the stage to take a look at the different ways of looking at ‘Premium’ – placement, format, audience or all of the above? We all decided it was a little marketing mix of it’s own, that all three factors work together to create premium campaigns.



Jesper Urban (Product Director, Adform) finished the talks with a presentation that highlighted ways in which Adform enables agencies to deliver greater CTRs and engagement rates to their advertisers by illustrating how creativity and in-house ad serving platforms make a perfect union.

After the presentations, guests enjoyed a delicious three course meal, we interrupted the drinking to ask a few quick questions. In the video below, we ask a couple of our guests what they think about the challenges and the future of premium programmatic brand advertising. We especially like Ronan’s tongue in cheek response when asked "what is your vision for the future".




The event was fun and insightful in equal measure, all within a friendly and interactive forum – bring on the next one!” – Charlie Saunders, Global Account Manager, Amnet UK

A thoroughly enjoyable evening – great debate with splendid company! An inspiring group of people.” - Helen Clifford-Jones, Business Director, IDG UK 


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