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Ole ole with Adform

It is not always just inspirational and educational events that we run for our clients.

This month Adform wanted to celebrate its passion for football, so the UK office came up with the best way to do so. To get in the right mood, we invited all the big local publishers to a foosball tournament and with zero percent no-shows, this event proved to be spot on!


Watch this short video and see how it went.  



In this post, we want to share some of our favourite photos from the evening:

Collage 1A
The perfect venue for this tournament was, of course, Bar Kick, mostly famous for its table football and basement events and the place to be to watch live football.

Collage 1B
The basement was exclusively reserved for Adform and as you can see it was packed with great people as soon as the clock struck 6! People were getting into the Brazilian spirit with lovely mixed caipirinhas as they paired up and were assigned to a team.

We followed the same format as the current World Cup and everybody was given the flag of the nation and team they represented.

Collage 2
After the teams were chosen, the tournament began with four tables playing at once. There was a lot of cheering and the greatest challenge was not to “spin”, one of the house rules, and if you did…well, your opponents took a penalty kick.

Collage 3
Once the rounds were complete, we finally got to follow only one table at a time. This match was for the bronze medal and it was a very close game between Adform and the Telegraph.

Collage 4
For the big final between Outfit7 and IPC Media, we all gathered round to watch. The sweat was pouring down from the finalists’ foreheads as they gave it their all trying to win.

Collage 5
Here they are, our winners! Congratulations once again to the bronze medallists from the Telegraph and the silver medallists from IPC Media. Big kudos to the winning team from Outfit7. You deserve that Adform cup!

Ole, ole everyone and keep the samba spirit throughout the World Cup and the rest of the summer.


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