Photo Story: From New York to London and Places in Between

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Photo Story: From New York to London and Places in Between

June was another busy month for us. We visited several hot spots to share our insights about online display advertising.


Our first stop was New York, where we sponsored the AdExchanger Clean Ads conference. As you may have already guessed, the focus of the conference was transparency and how data science and technology can help marketers fight ad fraud. The conference aimed to provide the audience with tangible solutions to ensure clean ads. Adform was there to make sure everybody knew about our Bearskin and how Adform combats ad fraud.


Adform Clean Ads 2015


Our next stop was Warsaw, Poland, where our local team participated in the Adform-sponsored IAB Forum 2015, with the extreme tag line “Adapt or Die: Building a business in the era of the digital consumer.” The ninth annual IAB Forum focused on the influence of internet users on the business models. Everyone swung by our attractive stand for interesting discussions and some real-time beer.


Adform IAB Poland 2015


At the same time, Adform hosted its first Publisher Advisory Board in Copenhagen, where an exclusive group of publishers from Europe and the United States gathered to revolutionize the future of digital advertising. This successful event featured extensive debate and great discussions among the members, who identified solutions to common problems and found lucrative opportunities.


“Adform PAB was definitely one of the best events I have attended since I work on the publisher side. I did appreciate the possibility to talk to programmatic people from all over Europe and the very open atmosphere for sharing experiences.” —Matěj Novak, Managing Director, Czech Publisher Exchange


“Thanks a lot for having me in Copenhagen! It was a pleasure to meet all of you from Adform. Thanks for a great organization to your marketing team and many thanks for hosting and providing us with many valuable presentations, discussions and contacts.” —Alexander Horrolt, Managing Director, Goldbach Digital Services


Adform PAB 2015


Next, we went from one Nordic city to another. Adtech was held in Oslo, Norway, where our own Mats Persson interacted with the audience in the only way he knows, which we call “Mats’ way.” Interesting and entertaining as always, Mats presented “Bringing Brand Advertising into the Programmatic Era,” focusing on local market trends and how programmatic advertising develops the market with the creative possibilities now available across all platforms.


Adform Ad Tech 2015


Finally, we ended our busy month of June in London, where Adform presented a beautiful stand at eTail Europe, a conference created by retailers for retailers. eTail is the one-stop shop for ecommerce and multi-channel executives, and it provided the perfect opportunity for Adform to talk about our solutions and build lasting relationships.


Adform Etail Europe 2015


You can learn about upcoming events on our new site and browse past events to see photo galleries and videos.


See you soon!


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