Photo Story: Table Soccer World Cup

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Photo Story: Table Soccer World Cup

It‘s no secret that here at Adform, we LOVE table soccer (also known as foosball). We play it in the office, we play it during events, and we even organize the only IT foosball league in the Baltics.


So it wasn’t a hard decision to sponsor the Lithuanian national foosball team’s trip to the 2015 Table Soccer World Championship in Italy. We even threw them a farewell party to wish them all the best in their matches. 



This year, over 400 of the best foosball players from more than 30 countries worldwide came to the championship. Although our team was quite young, this was a great chance for them to test their skills against the best players from around the world.


They fought hard and strong. Lithuanian player Rapolas Jamontas performed great in the qualification matches and took 17th place in a field of 65 players. In one of the most spectacular games, Rapolas won against table soccer legend Sebastian Meckes. 


During the elimination round, Rapolas sadly lost to the famous (and over twice his age) Tom Yore from the United States, who came in 9th place. After the match, Yore admitted that Rapolas was a tough player and that he had to use all of his strength to win.


In the youth category, the German team became the world champions and the Lithuanian team took 5th place.


We’re confident that the Lithuanian table soccer team still has bigger victories ahead in the future. This team is very highly motivated and skillful even though some players have only been playing for 1 or 2 years. 


At the 2017 Hamburg World Cup, our team will be ready to conquer their competitors and win.  


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