RTB Generates Strong Interest in Italy

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RTB Generates Strong Interest in Italy

Earlier in October, the IAB Forum Milano advertising event in Italy gathered together marketing leaders, experts and entrepreneurs. Our entry into the Italian market has been one of the most successful market entries for Adform, so when the biggest advertising forum in the country took place, we enjoyed the visibility and attention.


Jesper Urban shared his insights about RTB opportunities


This year the IAB Forum Milano focused on Real Time Bidding (RTB) and automated trading. A widely anticipated conference was Real Time Bidding: Opportunities and Potential of the New Ecosystem of Online Advertising, featuring Jesper Urban, our Product Director. 

Attendance was fantastic, and around 400 people stayed for two hours until the very end. “The conference was a huge success and the moment everyone was waiting for at the IAB Forum”, says Alfonso Mariniello, our Commercial Director in Italy.

“At the same time we met a lot of our clients; there is big interest in Adform in Italy,” adds Jesper, “Many people who talked to us said that Adform is very visible and making an impact, so we truly have a strong brand in Italy. Already, clients have begun calling Alfonso to arrange a meeting with us.”


RTB Conference brought together hundreds of atendees


During the event, we presented a case study of Best Western Italy, which, with the help of Adform, improved its campaign performance and reduced cost-per-click by an impressive 60 per cent. 

To find more inspiring examples of what happens when companies embrace Adform products, read our recently issued case studies about the electronics chain Marco Polo and bank Monte dei Pasche di Siena.

If you couldn’t attend the IAB Forum Milano, view some pictures in our Facebook gallery and send any questions to our Italian team: Alfonso.Mariniello (at) adform.com


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