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Would You Pay for an Ad-Free Internet?

The digital advertising industry is in crisis: ad fraud is rife, many online ads are never even seen and ad blocking software is threatening to undermine the internet's fundamental business model. But the industry is now getting its act together, argues Jochen Schlosser chief strategy officer at AdF… Read more

5 Winning Strategies to Optimize Programmatic Campaigns

The programmatic market promises to establish itself and grow even more than it has already done in recent years. It is therefore essential to be able to calibrate an appropriate mix of technical optimizations to allow the achievement of performance objectives with any type of budget. Valeria Mazzon… Read more

German Publishers Go Full Throttle on Ads.txt

The pace at which German publishers implement the Ads.txt anti-fraud script continues to be remarkably high. As ad-tech provider Adform told HORIZONT Online, 87 percent of publishers in Germany now use the file to the systematically fight click fraud. Last fall, it was just 30 percent. Read more