Adform Evangelised Mobile Advertising in Czech Republic

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Adform Evangelised Mobile Advertising in Czech Republic

On 22nd September Mindshare Czech Republic organised a Mobile Day for its clients. Audience of 43 invitees from different industries engaged with presentations from Adform, Google, Vodafone, Economia as well as experts from GroupM and Mindshare. All presenters had a single goal – to raise awareness of the potential that mobile advertising can bring to clients.

Martin Švarc, Business Development Director of Adform mainly focused on making (mobile) display advertising simple, relevant and rewarding. Because of his disappointed from a fact that this discipline has been discussed for more than 5 years without significant results, all clients were given an easy homework. Optimise their websites for mobile devices, track them, include mobile as a channel of their communication and measure results (mainly ROI). On the top of it Martin presented HTML5 as a technology enabling rich media ads to work on mobile devices.

Above: Martin starts his presentation with introduction of the new corporate identity of Adform.

Jiří Lenk, Industry Manager at Google, introduced AdMob network and through local relevant data highlighted importancy as well as relenacy of mobile advertising.

Above: Interactive video in mobile helped Volvo launching their new model, says Jiří Lenk.

Mindshare and GroupM experts brought interesting case studies and findings from their research as well as explained the role of this channel in the media mix. One of the discussed topic was a duel between mobile apps and sites.

Above:In principle the mobile web and classic web are very similar – explains Jan Suda by showing the code.

Above:Role of mobile in social media was one of topics that Tomáš Žlůva introduced to the audience.

Above: Martin Hanzal, fully branded by projector, nicely summarised whole conference and focused on finding a place for mobile in the whole media mix.

Mindshare and partners look forward to seeing some positive consequence of this event happening in coming months.


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