Improve Your Mobile Advertising with Adform’s Mobile Brand Formats

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Improve Your Mobile Advertising with Adform’s Mobile Brand Formats

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For years we have talked about the great opportunities within mobile and in-app advertising, especially when it comes to reaching your audience. Still, for many brand marketers, mobile and in-app advertising can sometimes be an overwhelming and cumbersome practice. 


According to a recent IAB study conducted by Ovum, some of the perceived challenges of mobile advertising, from a brand marketer’s perspective, are the lack of standardized and ready-to-use advertising units across mobile inventory (whether this is direct or programmatic) and the lack of uniform metrics for mobile advertising.


The IAB has begun to reduce the number of ad sizes and cut the costs and inefficiencies associated with planning, buying and creating online media. One of IAB Europe’s recent initiatives to address the cluttered landscape of mobile advertising is the recommendation of Mobile Brand Builders, which is a set of five mobile formats (including one video format). Furthermore, IAB has updated its creative guidelines to reference the HTML5 ad requirements for both display and mobile formats (including the Mobile Rising Star units). 


As part of the solution, Adform is pleased to announce we have recognized an integrated set of mobile brand formats that we are confident will balance and simplify planning and booking efficient, engaging and impactful mobile campaigns. The formats build upon the IAB Mobile Brand Builders formats by offering larger leveraged units for higher engagement and brand awareness.


These mobile brand formats are all:

  • Available as drag ‘n’ drop templates in our HTML5 Studio (where sizes can easily be adapted according to the publisher specs)
  • MRAID 2.0-compliant and can run in both in-app or mobile web environments
  • Integrated with Adform tracking and reporting of performance, viewability and engagement metrics
  • Served via programmatic or direct deal
  • Certified for Adform Automated Guaranteed
  • Available through Open Exchanges, Deals and Adform PMPs


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 Jurjen de Wal, Product Director for Mobile Solutions at Adform, explains, “We saw a need to identify this set of formats for a number of reasons but most importantly for our clients. These six mobile formats are here to ease the pain of all brand marketers who want to succeed with mobile and in-app advertising. We recognize them by simply taking a closer look at the most popular mobile formats for branding purposes in our system, next to standard mobile banners and the IAB Mobile Rising Stars. Additionally, we followed IAB’s recommendations and the general mobile advertising trends in the market,” he concludes.


Saying “Hello to Mobile Advertising” with:


#1: Adform Smartphone Full-Page Interstitial 

 This elegant mobile ad unit helps drive brand awareness, engagement and interaction. It can be served to compliment editorial requirements and support video content within the interstitial unit.

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#2: Adform Super 3D Cube 

 This high-performing format builds on the popular 3D cube unit by enabling a richer, more tactile experience and adding greater utility, in the form of a store locator and video content. The Super 3D Cube is perfect for both brand and DR campaigns, complementing the user experience of any mobile publisher site.

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#3: Adform Smartphone Half Page 

 This smartphone half-page format provides an effortless way for brands to access premium placements on mobile sites and apps and substantiate their message within prestige publisher channels, all on instant page load. This half-page unit can provide a plethora of interactive features for users to further explore and engage with the brand. 

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#4: Adform Mobile Out-Stream (In-View)  

 The mobile out-stream (in-view) format engineers an elegant video advertising solution for mobile that compliments premium publisher content. The native video instantly captures users’ attention when playing on 50% in view. Upon scrolling, the video pauses when it is not in view and resumes when it re-appears in view, meaning ad viewability and awareness can be measured efficiently and accurately. This in-view format includes logos for added brand exposure, as well as a brand overlay to drive interaction and recall. (Available only via Adform PMP)

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#5: Adform In-Banner Video  

 The in-banner provides a simplistic and engaging way to showcase branded video content within a banner. The unit houses an unobtrusive cinemagraphic effect, bringing the banner to life; it both attracts the user’s attention and adds a creative curl to a normal static image. 

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#6: Adform Tablet Full-Page Interstitial 

 The tablet interstitial delivers a high-impact platform for brands to showcase their products. Served in a multitude of ways to suit any site’s user journey (and editorial constraints), this unit offers simple interactive elements to entice the user’s engagement within a dynamic and customizable interface.

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For further info on these mobile brand formats, please drop us a line at [email protected].


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