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In-App Bonanza!


We have made a serious move on our in-app offering within Advertiser Edge, introducing a wide range of new inventory partners across in-app, as well as introducing CPC as a pricing model for in-app campaigns. Yee-Haw!


The Rise of In-App

With consumers spending increasing amounts of time on their mobile devices, and apps dominating this usage, in-app advertising is rapidly becoming the go-to place for brands to stake their presence. This is causing marketers to reposition their budgets to focus on the in-app environment, in order to have the best chance of truly connecting with their audiences.


Standard In-App Inventory

We have added MoPub, Smaato, OpenX, Pubmatic, Opera Mediaworks and Smart Adserver to our extensive list of in-app supply partners, in order to give clients the best choice available on the market. This new in-app inventory also significantly boosts our GPS enabled supply for Hyperlocal Advertising, allowing you to target your audiences in real time based on their physical location.


Interstitial In-App Inventory

We have also added MoPub to our  our burgeoning list of  interstitial in-app inventory list, that already includes providers such as Doubleclick, Rubicon & InMobi.  For those not familiar with interstitial formats, interstitials represent the digital equivalent of an old-school full page spread print ad. Interstitials are thus full-screen ads that cover the interface of their host app, which are normally displayed at natural transition points within the app, where users are given the choice of either tapping on the ad and continue to its destination, or close it and return to the app. In an age where consumers’ attention spans are dwindling, interstitials represent a way for brands to maximize their chances of grabbing consumer attention. Interstitial formats can also be combined with video content for a more immersive experience.


Mobile In-App Video Inventory

Last year, daily time spent watching digital video on mobile devices in the US surpassed desktop time for the first time ever, and by 2017, mobile video play time will dwarf desktop by almost double. The impressive growth of mobile programmatic video is undoubtedly directly correlated with its strong and compelling ways to deliver interesting and memorable content, which can turn consumers into loyal followers in an instant.


The following dedicated In-App video supply sources are now available from our system, that already includes partners such as Rubicon and Doubleclick:

Adap.TV (AOL)




CPC Pricing Model for In-App

Last but not least, we have added CPC pricing optimization to our in-app offering.  By adding CPC pricing to in-app buying, we ensure that media buyers can optimize their campaigns towards increasing CTR and decreasing eCPC, opening up new opportunities for business.


For more info on in-app advertising, or any of our other offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local account manager, or click here for a free demo!


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