Increase Your Brand Engagement with Our Newest Addition to the Mobile Brand Formats

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Increase Your Brand Engagement with Our Newest Addition to the Mobile Brand Formats

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Meet the latest addition to our mobile package, the Adform In-Banner Video Plus, which is ready and available as drag ’n’ drop template in our HTML5 Studio. The sizes can easily be adapted according to the publisher’s specs.


Like the rest of our mobile brand formats, this new member is also MRAID 2.0-compliant and can run in both in-app and mobile web environments. As well, it is integrated with Adform tracking to report performance, viewability and engagement metrics.


What’s interesting about this format is that it combines both image banner and video content in the same format. Consumers can easily tap to play (or pause) a video to watch what they are getting hold of. Below the video, an image banner is visible for extra brand awareness. On tapping it, the consumer is taken to the landing page for further information.


 New Mob Format Ikon


“Mobile video advertising is increasing in popularity. The combination of visual elements in motion, music and creative storytelling has helped brands connect with their audiences, more than they ever could with image banners. Consumers want to get entertained while browsing on their smartphones and mobile video does just that,” stated Jurjen de Wal, Product Director for Mobile Solutions at Adform.


In addition to increasing the brand engagement by your audience, the In-Banner Video Plus can be served programmatically. It is certified for Adform Automated Guaranteed and open through open exchanges, deals and Adform PMPs.


Email us at [email protected] to get started with this or any of our other mobile brand formats.


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