What’s New in Mobile Advertising?

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What’s New in Mobile Advertising?

It is not a surprise that mobile advertising is strengthening its position and growing extremely fast this year. Adform is present in 15 markets, and quite a few are reporting significant boosts in mobile traffic; in some of the markets we are already seeing mobile traffic starting to overtake non-mobile traffic. And this is not the end of the growth – forecasts by different parties indicate that it is just the beginning.

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At Adform, we started working on mobile and HTML5 offerings two years ago. One of the first solutions we pushed to the market was a single-tag HTML5 video offering. Later on, we adopted HLS (HTTP live streaming) technology and our solution became one of the first mobile video offerings in the market that is able to deliver most common mobile video formats to any HTML5-enabled mobile device by using the single-tag approach.

This year, mobile and HTML5 solutions are among the key product areas where we are putting most of our investments. We expanded our development teams a while ago, in order to deliver market-leading, innovative mobile and HTML5 solutions in 2014. Let me share some key product offerings we have released recently and some we are going to release in the near future.

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Video Banners Builder

When we meet our clients, we often hear the same story: they want to try HTML5 and mobile advertising but they don’t know how to start. Inadequate tools and a lack of HTML5 specialists seem to be the main reasons why HTML5 technology is being adopted so slowly.

To make mobile advertisers’ life easier, we recently launched video banners builder which enables agencies to produce HTML5 video banners in a simple and fast way. Now, you don’t need to be an HTML5 specialist to produce standard or floating HTML5 video banners across the screen. A simple ‘drag and drop’ tool lets advertisers create interactive mobile video content while maintaining all HTML5 video standards.

Whats New In Mobile Inside 02HTML5 Toolkit

Flash is dropping fast: April 2014 was the first month when we saw more HTML5-enabled ads using the Adform platform compared to the Flash ads. This trend was quite clear starting from this year, making it an easy decision for us to start working on our HTML5 toolkit, which simplifies workflow when working with HTML5 ads.

The first version of this tool can be found at html5toolkit.adform.com and it already supports a range of features, such as the ability to create most known Rich Media formats and start new HTML5 projects from the template provided by Adform, assets manager, online code editor, responsive content testing and more.

Content produced with the HTML5 toolkit is fully compatible with Adform specifications and can be upload to the platform in a few easy steps. Keep an eye on it, we are not going to stop here, new features will be released every month or even more often!

Mobile SDK

For publishers who are looking for new ways to monetise their in-app inventory, we are preparing mobile Software Development Kit (SDK), which will be connected to our Private Marketplace and Data Marketplace. As we always were the innovation-driven Rich Media company with our own SDK, we are going to advance in-app Rich Media with custom formats such as Open Door Takeover.

Mobile DSP

Mobile is taking shape in Adform DSP as well: 15 different mobile ad exchanges available, 40 billion requests per month from mobile devices and no stop. We have plans to integrate with additional mobile ad exchanges and improve our user interface so that it would be super easy to start and plan programmatic mobile campaigns. Targeting options for mobile DSP campaigns are going to be updated as well.

And that’s just a part of our activities with mobiles. On top of that, we have started running tests with Adtruth, we are testing our automated Flash-to-HTML5 conversion service, most of the DCO banners we run are already mobile-friendly, and we have best-in-class HTML5 creative production specialists!

All of that makes Adform a great partner for mobile advertising, so let’s get started!


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