Norwegian Takes Outdoor Advertising to the New Skies

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Norwegian Takes Outdoor Advertising to the New Skies

The efficiency of outdoor advertising is often a result of its originality, and Norwegian Airlines knows how to spark it. The company partnered with JCDecaux, Kitchen, Vizeum and Adform, for a unique campaign that let customers themselves become the “star of the ad”.

Passers-by in Oslo Central Station could have their picture taken and the amount of skin saturation measured. The contestants’ images were directly uploaded onto a giant screen, where the audience could follow who was the palest person in the league. Three winners got a chance to visit sunny Gran Canaria. 

We hooked up with some brilliant minds from JCDecaux (Bjørn-Erik Aasebø, Marketing Director), Kitchen (Aram Zarkoob, Creative Producer) and Adform (Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO; Billy Jenkins, Product Solutions Manager) to find out more about the campaign.

Not only do we share the wisdom of the key parties involved, we also reveal the stories of the lucky winners.

Camilla Inalu, the Winner

I actually work at a cafe at the central station so I was aware that Norwegian had a stand, but I didn’t know what type. I remember two of my colleagues came back to work and told us about the competition they had just been attending. I remember my first thought was "I was just at the doctor and he said my D-vitamin was low" (because I’m dark skinned/mixed). But my friend had gotten 92 out of 100% – so I thought my chances of winning were poor.

Ten minutes later, I was going to prepare a brownie at work but was missing flour. So I went to the store that was just next to the stand. I asked them if it was quick to attend because I was at work and the girl said yes. They were going to call the winner later the same day.

I took the picture, wrote my name and number down, and ran back to work. I told my colleague that I just attended and I missed seeing my pic in the hall. I didn’t hear anything that day. The next day I got an email: "Hi Camilla. I didn’t reach you at the phone yesterday but I just want to say congratulations – you won with 95%. I’ll send the tickets to your mail”.

I was at work that day too, and with the same colleague. I ran in front of the café, interrupted her with her customer and said I WON! I called everyone at work and told them I was the winner. Then, I called my boyfriend and said "I just won two tickets to Gran Canaria, Happy Christmas baby!"


Juan Carlos Herrera, the Winner

I was wandering along Oslo Central Station one day, when my eye was suddenly caught by the people who had a Norwegian stand in the main entrance. I travel with Norwegian every chance I get, as they usually have low prices, so I decided to take a look.

One of the girls there told me that it was all about winning a free ticket to Gran Canaria and, in order to participate, I would have to have my picture taken, as everybody else was doing in the queue. By the end of the day, she said, a special program would analyse the saturation of the skin of all the participants and, after comparing all the pictures taken, they would find out who was in most need of sun.

I did not think I could qualify, since I am very, very dark. But the girl replied that it had nothing to do with skin colour, and encouraged me to participate. So I got my picture taken.

After a short while, I got this call from a mobile phone that wasn’t in my contacts... I thought twice before answering (a lot of telephone sellers!), but I immediately thought of the Norwegian promotion. I answered and there was this girl telling me in a joyful voice that I’d won!


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