Sony Music Interactive Outdoor Ad Brings Jaw-Dropping Results

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Sony Music Interactive Outdoor Ad Brings Jaw-Dropping Results

Sony Music, fluxLoop, CAPA and Adform joined forces for an interactive campaign in Norwegian cinemas, which took outdoor advertising to a new level. By blending innovative technology, creativity and interactivity in one campaign, they succeeded in reaching an OTS of 21% and a conversion rate of 31.3%!

Fluxloop Inside Gif
fluxBox is an advertising solution for the iPad generation. It uses a mix of technologies such as touch, NFC, camera, sound and Microsoft Kinect, and lets people interact with campaigns in a unique way.

Sixteen interactive fluxBoxes were installed in Norwegian cinemas. Audiences could swipe the screens, watch music videos of four different artists, then enter their phone number and receive a link for an exclusive download.

Floxloop Case Inside
By being able to track how many faces were in front of the camera and in the distance, the fluxBoxes provided an excellent overview of the audience and their interactions. Read our case study and be amazed by the accurate results from the OOH ad!

We hooked up with some bright minds from Sony Music (Erik Eken, Marketing Director), fluxLoop (Ulrik Prøitz, CEO and Co-founder), CAPA (Gareth Williams, Sales and Marketing Director) and Adform (Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO, and Billy Jenkins, Product Solutions Manager) to talk about the changes in outdoor advertising in the interactive age.

Watch the video!

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